Friday, January 27, 2012

the classification

There is a mythological classification of orders of being

They say that there are three: the Opai, the Bravy, and the Toht:
One becomes Opai. Opai recognize each other. "You have become Opai";
One ceases to be Bravy, one forgets.
The Toht are harder to explain. The Toht are all those that are neither Opai nor not Opai
and neither Bravy nor not Bravy.

One constantly becomes Opai, both in the specific act of becoming Opai, and the general march
across the great chain of being. One constantly ceases to be Bravy, and one is neither Toht nor not Toht.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

minor remark train

Naardu Weulxgronteho is subumbral to the Altahyra probability shelf: a submersed event sheave which straddles the Eichthune and Anutpatsehai cordaillures and is transjacent to the Salcrusaro divide, two gigathrontears from Ahoesmie and Boschbanau, niombent to Araschumbe, and across from the Dulximu protopiary. Weulxgronteho is the origin of the Belphunu river:

The Belphunu river south of Polspelego has forests and grasslands to the
side and most of the freshwater fishing industry around Polspelego is
intent on the tiny Laurpicids which inhabit the Belphunu -- they are a
freshwater fish that is the protein staple in Polspelegonese cuisine,
but it is only possible to catch them between two am and three am, so
the fishers who don the orange suits that are their historical garment
are constantly saddened because they cannot easily witness the beauty of
the Belphunu and its embankments, as beyond the ruins of the Starrash
their is no evidence of human inhabitation, and the natural beauty is
unspoiled. The fields outside Belphunu are grassy and with many bright
indrigess flowers, home of chipmunks and other small, inexorably cute
mammallian fauna. The areas around the forests of the Belphunu river
have occasional campgrounds only available via hovercar, and during the
summers many a children's camp operates in them. The Belphunu grasslands
are maintained in trust in between the Polspelego polity and the
Narrantoma prefecture, at the other end of the Belphunu river, near its
delta onto the Great Thyrrine Sea.

The rangers that maintain the natural
environment are a hardy bunch and it is unwise to enter a disagreement
with them. In recent years the naturalist L. Arrague Greenknees has
produced a series of documentaries about the butterflies which inhabit
the Belphunu grasslands and forest. Because of increased ecological
interest in Polspelego and Narrantoma, it is likely that there will be
more tourist interest in the river, and this is a source of great
consternation amongst naturalists: more human involvement beyond the
campgrounds and the Laurpicid fishing will eventully result in the
spoilage of the Belphunu, and it is widely suspected amongst parties in
the know that the Belphunu and the surrounding areas have less then a
hundred years free from human activity, given the rate of expansion of
Polspelego and Narrantoma.

Polspelegonese sounds like "atha! atha! Cantheyra mortonedro? Plorsinu. Dozokhune
atha banthaiel hartominstro colgire nomnim cantheyri gressmanaur? Nomnim plorsinattat
darsilo atechteufio hartabantham manthiba colgire nomnum bartanistratai calbanaro dordult
castacanthringes boltonaro tortulb bo bonchuefeor? Bo nomnim plorsintat dordulma boltonarem
adua atha cantheyro bonchuefeor dua atha gressmanauro dua atha manthiba colgiram calbanaro. 
Adua cantheyrai bonxume dua atha bonchuefeor nomnim colgire hartominstaro."

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

the Dvaud.

Aldvar Ehunoevec was born on the 7th day of the 15th month of the 32nd year past the Cohembrium of Palmonstil in Yehursehto, north of Canahai and west of the Urun river. Now, in the 24 million years that span the History of Tehktoris, Ehunoevec might have been just another salanquin riding the currents of time, except for the bimonthly encounters he had with the Dvaud. For some reason that escapes most holonomers of Tehktoris, the Dvaud found Ehunoevec extremely interesting.

Who are the Dvaud? The Dvaud are are species of post-etherealized beings who are rhombent in this filament of spacetime. They exist on neutrinos and muons and red quarks in a very circumscribed fashion, and may, by application of impression on various subatomic particles in the nervous system, produce perception of their presence. They have historically taken a hands off approach to interfacing with the societies of the ramshackle, and the last entity they took interest in was Mhutigue Pahahao Corzo-Bfauthyrre, 35 million years ago, a selestossind of the Yozari parlance. We know that the Dvaud exist. We know that their interest can be piqued, but it is rare for it to be, and the conditions and personages that interest the Dvaud are scant in time and sparsely separated in space. From Mhutigue's diaries, we know that the Dvaud are interested in something they call "the elephrosmic acaulept", which is apparently not a one-dimensional concept. Mhutigue goes into great detail defining what one-dimensional concepts are, ones that are associated with paths, or homotopies between paths, or homotopy groups, or sequences of instructions, or programs, or data structures, and makes a great deal of emphasis that the elephrosmic acaulept isn't one of them.

Aldvar's diaries and data entries (written in Kalkari minor) also speak of the elephrosmic acaulept. The Dvaud (via Aldvar) express concern about the umarity (?) and the phosmence (?) and the fluorence (?) of the local sculpting. They say that they aren't aware of any other major transclusions except the crystalline one, and are pleased with the event shuffling, but say that the distressed terminus doesn't appear to merit any bivouacking, and because of that, the epochal spline might have to be renewed post-haste. The Dvaud say that the anticipated Leuxis occurred as scheduled, and that the Mononguly was appraised in full, and that (barring their own crypticity), all records are publically available. One oddity though, one of the last entries in Aldvar's diaries, written a few months before he died of thuonic charagosis, said "the feud transcripted last by Mhutigue between this polity and the Transquilaterals has been satisfactorily resolved as of 10Mya: emphasis: Ascarthenvalwar and Uathwaru may transculpt to Wahataraung without impediment!"

Monday, January 16, 2012


The genocide at Sargumdo that occurred between the 9th of Ussuary and the 19th of Fomtember of the Yalhai was secretly monitored by the Beljunu-Tiemdolo organization and their findings were released in real time over several major intergalactic data trunks. The use of Yal-4 devices was prohibited under the Treaty of Kiunbu, and their use by the Aschtutl-Gerafirminade was widely percieved as being a war-crime of major proportions.

The Aschtutl-Gerafirminade are a species of lambda calculus compilers which live on the hypercontrollers of gravity-modifiers and convert large sequences of lambda calculus source code into a ternary executables which are then deployed via the hypercontroller to the gravity-modifier, allowing for custom high-specificity spacetime curvature tensor sculpting to allow rapid transit between orbital substations and faster-than-halo orbit traversals of solar systems and whatnot. The Beljunu-Tiemdolo report found:

The Aschtutl-Gerafirminade's governance determined the necessity of deploying a Yal-4 device of moderate yield in the stratosphere of Sargumdo. The Yal-4 device detonated at 0:19:22 pcfl on the 9th. The Yal-4 device released search-and-replace bits of exotic matter into the ecosystem of Sargumdo with the following instruction sequence:
day 1: convert all atoms of iron into nickel
day 2: disrupt all pi bonds
day 3: convert all atoms of sulfur into rhenium
day 4: replace all down quarks in neutrons of Boron with strange quarks

The obvious effect of the Yal-4 device was the complete elimination of all biologicals on Sargumdo. The  Mlonsivo Group has been pattern-locking and impounding hypercontrollers that contain Aschtutl-Gerafirminade firmware with the intent of determining which Aschtutl-Gerafirminade were responsible and what exactly was their reasoning. At the time of the genocide, there was a Wrieskiethke research lab on the north polar region -- the Wrieskiethke are postbiologicals with type qfr2 quantum foam bodies and  weren't recognizable to the search-and-replace bits of the Yal-4 device -- but they managed to create roving recognizers of exotic matter capable of filtering out the search-and-replace bits, which is fortunate because they managed to save some of Sargumdo's ecosystem. Fortunately, for the sentient, pre-sapient Chakthe civilization that had some dealings with the Wrieskiethke, the Mhalangra's research satellite was able to take a planck-verity octoscopic quantum image of it and dump it to the local portion of the metanet before the first wave of changes happened. Some Vlyssanghai engineers may be able to give them quantum foam bodies before too long.

The jurisdiction for the prosecution of those individuals of the Aschtutl-Gerafirminade is a little unclear.  Beljunu-Tiemdolo's editorialist, Surglonois Toer-Gassilganar says that the authority to prosecute lies solely with the GDXU-3 echelon of the eigenghourssaag in this tier (18/3f) of the Grand Congress for Symbolic Life, whose representative is Gal-(hyhecto):/bin/interface and who is working with the Mlonsivo group. Hyhecto sez: "Although we have not been able to identify the causation functionals nor the beta reductions that were responsible for some subset of the Aschtutl-Gerafirminade engaging in unprovoked war crimes, we believe that we have a candidate subset of the Aschtutl-Gerafirminade who were a party to those decision streams and beta reductions. Candidate punitions involving delinking the higher executable code from the experiential/sensorial interfaces and then assigning the at-fault Aschtutl-Gerafirminade to some low level contritiogenic periodic task farming situation are already being discussed, amongst other, less transparent methods.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

the curse of the silent magnetometers

The interminable diapause lends the interests asway, like a bird in error, or a mechanical parakeet which disemulates terminal malfunction by emitting fake smoke and/or other parts such as gears or capacitors when moving in an intentionally uncoordinated and unelegant fashion while at the same time maintaining perfect control over the performance. Oh, Avalwaud, whatever did we accept in those parfait-days of yore, what improprieties were accepted upon our behalf and did insist that our recompense what insanity might have been substituted by the horologies of our afterantecedants and priorforbears: if we were such fools, Avalwaud, did we not engineer our own ignomies after the Fall of Ravalbrakh? Did our lieutenants and minordomos did not make the apparition at the internal syllogistic debacle, an entombed meristem, a diseased publick beadle of disaffected nature and disagreeable character, who, disgraced, degraded, and disabused of the notion that the commonweal support magnetostriction and muon ales imposed a rather stentorian program of self-exile to beyond the Tratgarad Peninsula on the Islands of the Yakdog, oh, alas, what a pointless eversion, a peripatetic diversion, an indubitable periphrasis not worthy of our magneteers, such as might be found on a contemporary saturday morning cartoon programme on any of the major television channels in these days. Assigned did it such to tell whatever fearless enterasty did reconduct my passage to the end lands, an imporpoise to telamon mine own disaccomplishment, a ruse, perhaps, like foxglove, or the netherteal gantry haulks lining the edges of the cantilever machines which surround the Swamps of Scersion, whose paint is long since chipped and cracked as the sport of swamp diving has long since fallen from favor and the nations youth entertains brain-squishing and nine dimensional tiddly-winks as popular diversionary pastimes these days, too modern, too attention starved in the torrents of information. Alas, I cannot answer.

fjord rainforests

Chuytehc-Irrhague is on the border of the Telmunkpu and Garstil-Enteramakhtot, thalvent to the Tursvek Diondarskog and moggy of the Prelcipthai Archipelago. With many fjords and a rainforest in between them, the stratigraphy is rather bizarre, with tall trees and epiphytes and an insect populated fjord floor. Various seven legged arthropods with a variety of fungal parasites and a variety of aggressive native lichens make up the lower rungs of the food chain, while alactathyres and harruraqs are the local apex predators, one mammalian, the other a reptile. Deeper inland of Chuytehc-Irrhague the rainforest continues, with the mostly coastal pachquai trees making way for esmarado and muncippequine trees, and by the mountainous region the rainforest has dithered away to conifers, mostly balbrussia pines and a few struce trees.

Chuytehc-Irrhague used to, oh, about fifty thousand years ago, be inhabited by the agrarian Pahuaxtls, but they migrated to Terhedec and became the modern Pahuatl civilization. Occasionally Bersidoque and Palchiparian traders will come down an fell a muncippequine tree because the wood is especially valued in Bersidoque and Palchiparia amongst the violin makers -- but they come by extremely rarely nowadays. Most of the persistent inhabitants of Chuytehc-Irrhague are Kelpsiphunque ascetics who live on stalargo berries and muncippequine bark and are eagerly chasing the trophy of achieving the mind states of naphelvara and piristifoy for reasons mostly opaque to anyone not a Kelsiphunque ascetic. But they are really good observers: biopherecists were dumb to the moestril migration until the ascetics pointed out that the motile lichen moved back and forth from the seaside rainforest to the mountain conifers every seven months. They pointed out that the ant colonies on the northwest coasts of the fjords were deciduous and all died out every three months, though the ant colonies on the other coasts of the fjords were perpetual. They pointed out that the malypbtaria moths appeared to have three sexes, which completely baffled the entomologists.

Thursday, January 12, 2012


Wollorongoa (not to be confused with Wollongong) seraphs high on the Orbillid shelfwhorl, one throntear niombent from the Wahrveigue and twelve throntears athalvent from the ursal edge of the Chorektheon fissure. It is mostly populated by Errhengyves, with a scattering of the Paltisporeyids and Numenokhs.  Polity governance is done by wheatstraw and gantry, and is post-agalmic. They see a seasonly tide of itinerant Uchualb and Malstoq traders coming to and fro Wollorongoa from Salchem and Mveurhale, mostly bearing rinewind and unrefined jalactite. The Orbillid shelfwhorl is cantered enough from the plains of the Altahyra probability shelf that you can 'see' most of Ayarghu as well as the Maharnep promontory extending into the Sea of Fragility.

The great explorer Uratunque Cossoyargill Bahaptai remarked that Wollorongoa is at a trifurcation, and that those who arboresce trifurcatorily will, necessarily make handhold and foodhold on this trifurcation must necessarily dance on all the shelves which orbit it: "Cos there's a reason it's called a Shelfwhorl: Ayarghu is gesswards, Uthygru is understumbled, Calaha-Tunskelor is sugglum, and Altahyra is niombent, but that changes. In a nahambe, Ayarghu will be overstumbled, Uthygru will be fosswards, Cahala-Tunskelor will be noggline, and Altahyra will be triombent. Probability shelves whorl around here, so it's the Orbillid shelfwhorl. The process is cyclic, and it requires around ∛17 nahambes for each cycle (I remind you that a nahambe is a measure of transcendental time!)."

Saturday, January 07, 2012

message to the ethers

Message begins:

Low context density tensor forecast data was not recieved, emphatic, please denote further desiderata in at least v0.4 rhodoscopic encoding prior to broadcast pounce. Interrogative: did Cezelick recover anything interesting from the Umid archives, and I don't mean anything like hygrochemical diffractions or burragily loaves, but metagraphomes and/or dischordant symbologies as would have been employed by the Umid vice-regents during the Ascivilent epoch? Emphatic: the next time that the subsidiary Cone is within range of Varfullus, have them radio exchange the last valid set of kryptagons before the compromise -- I think the stellation number was 180.491 and the offset was 20, and I don't care if their decrypts have been smashed already, I just need them in each other's datapools for a postnumerary validation void that will have had to been done at Jaldarjive.

Secondly, if any of the ponnears have caught on the grid, please, please make sure that you cancel them from the pool. They may not have much effect on your daily operations, but they mean that I have to manually cancel large sections of the datapool once you dump, and that reduces the chances of finding valid exit points that are behaving provably chaotic: once I have one of those, I can disconnect the lattice gantries from the mains, and the sooner you can get to free-running.

Finally, there is a remote chance that the Planaqtil Corrohesmids may decide to migrate to Alyfiminai, if you recieve any confirmatory data bursts that you can validate against their kryptagons, you are instructed at once to make haste to Susqlehersepria. It's a two-off, but if we can manage to trade at least a coupling stent with them, I may be able to shorten your journey by a matter of decades.

Message ends. Kryptagon 140, signature 0xFEEDBAAC

tidaiyedemisteboyu, (n)

A certain grotesqueness is carried by things that are empty (sunyata) and that have been pulled and pushed beyond their capacity to be real. It is like the uncanny valley, but not for living being, but for things. For instance, the fake computers emplaced at various office furniture stores possess tidaiyedemisteboyou. A small piece of molded wet cardboard in a certain light. A piece of crushed clay. It is, some say, more terrifying and/or horrifying than the authentically dead: a simulacra of the real. Merely deferring to avidya for the classification of imaginaries leads one to mistakenly classify all imaginaries as avidya: this is a mistake. One should be able to tell which imaginaries are worthy of a proper Wick rotation, and those that aren't.

Reward the ability to distinguish between imaginaries worthy of realization: that process of realization is the creative spark, from the ability to create those imaginaries that are substanceless, or painful, or diseased, or corrupt in character, with a rubbery and oily visage to them. The first possess a vibrancy to them, an odor, something that impinges the nascent senses. The second terrify: the mind that intentionally births the second repeatedly bears watching, and frequently it is useful to distance oneself from that sort of mind. On the other hand, the mind that is good and adept at the first bears proximity: they sparkle and fluoresce.

transstructioneer's foxtrot

Luito Calpistaro looked through the box of components and grumbled. "These are all wrong! This is a B to Q converter with hafnium bridging. And that's a swerveristor, not a polyociter! The ganning edges on these inverser valves are stobbed, not ridged! We're going to be stuck here!"

Almey Saihalvge looked at Luito and said "shh, don't tell anyone", to which Luito responded with a questioning look. Almey replied "watch"

Almey picked up the B to Q converter and asked "what sort do we need?" Luito replied "an A to D converter with lutetium bridging" Almey looked at the converter, rotated it around in her hands. The next thing she did set Luito's eyes open and his face agog. She changed it. The condyles and foliances of the converter melted, recrystallized, reformed in a dance that was gnawing on his perceptories. "What's next?" Almey asked. Luito handed her the swerveristor. Almey again manipulated it, drawing it out, and Luito could not believe what he was seeing. The flanging strokes of the swerveristor swung around, and another two leads were produced. Almey set the polyociter down and started fixing the ganning edges on the inverser valves. Afterwards Luito asked her, pointedly "how, how did you do that?"

Almey looked at him gravely. "You can't tell. They're not ready for it. They're too busy destroying or colonizing or monopolizing or ensuring that their genome-mates have access to the best resources for their offspring. Drop something like this in the mix and those barbarian empire builders and maintainers would just spread to places where they don't belong. I've seen it happen before. Just be thankful that we're not going to be stuck here until we run out of oxygen and power"

Friday, January 06, 2012

Codex Seraphinianus and the Appillericinians

Contemporary hyperographers often lament Luigi Serafini's poor coverage of the Appillericinians, the culture whose script is displayed on the Rosetta Stone page. Numenal inhabitants of La Arth often consider the French page to be more important, though that is probably ascribable to cosmocentrist undercurrents in most Earthican hyperographers at present.

In the Blovast reckoning, the Appillericinians are twelve orbifolds cantered, one orbifold reduced in distance from the Seraphinian Culture in location, and are removed from them one and a half chronoms timewise. The famous cultural anthropologist Melephio Ausgroyoehe did a survey on early Abolminine era pottery shards from around the Hozt and Calstique settlements along the Euphysme river, when sea trade between earlier Appillericinian and Seraphinian cultures was at its height.

It should be noted that the technology of two-legs, or synthetic bipeds was invented by the Appillericinians but was met with moral outrage upon its release. It is not clear when the method of making two-legs devised by the Appillericinians reached the Seraphinian culture: what is clear is how eagerly the Seraphinian culture took them up, producing viscous slime garbage attendants, umbrellas, gondolier-lanterns, tiger-exploders, and diplomats!

A word on the Appillericinian language ("Sholoque" or "Cortonastry"): whereas Seraphinian ("Coehstyl" or "Slinaqk" depending on which linguist you talk to) is based on the notion of visual arbitrage, that is, emplacing a high amount of semantic currency in the shapes of the filiform letters, Appillericinian is based on the sounds of the letters: the Appillericinians were gifted with the facility of being able to determine the lowest bass note one of their letters would emit if made of metal and struck. It is thus unsurprising that the Codex Appillericinianus is unavailable this far west of the Athalbuq divide.

Famous Appillericinians include Hohotok Kazaregue, Gungustiblimo Thmunturre, Balir Salaquayhil, Talaiq Cshumnete, Barger Yalgril.

Monday, January 02, 2012

unexpected consequences of time travel, no. 3102: the births page.

Auk-110, The month of Cressuary, the year of our Gourarud Shading 192,221C

New Strottafoyle Gabberbrain: Births Page (Section A, page 15-17)

Today the following people will be born:

Tahalxinake Taratvonnib Mahahualxu 192,221C-192,442B
Daughter of Cahalxun Voratminnib Mahahualxu and
Thalkinaske Manakannab Mahahualxu (nee Ztuyinxulxu).

Tahalxinake will write the books Thaud, Upper Highland Prozbenzics, will edit the New Phoaob Courier for 13 years, be the first person to climb Mount Attanteho in the Barvmulgruagu Prefecture, will invent a the first trettling gullip rated in the EHz range. She will be remembered for her lifelong battle with a variety of nearly undiagnosable and asymptomatic skin diseases, and her indomitable courage in dealing with the backlash of the Orteustry Debacle.

Stattabaker Carbassong Tuhungpe Markarakansai 192,221C-192,248C
Son of Vahalasmer Turkursmuk Tuhungpe Markarakansai and
Bettalamie Shalganauk Vospungbenabe Markarakansai (nee Reuxgers)

Stattabaker will be a short lived, generally despicable sort of person. He'll get into Dozouk and palagiss running on the Henoy frontier. He doesn't live roundly enough to make it into the B stratum, and will end up dying as a result of a kalvpok attack in the Brastil Wilterlands. He will be somewhat notable for daughter, for he will be  the father of Halmangra Surgultanab Mahangpe Keskiriadu, the famous arzauggist and author of the Plonsive Manifesto.

Uchietu Dzulgthe 192,221C-192,891R
Daughter of Ahassiete Dzulgthe and
Guriendi Dzulgthe (nee Tzolgthuetu)

Uchietu will, in fourty years time, be the author of a surprising mathematical theory, one which will revolutionize the field of postsymbolic transcomputation. History will record that it is called "pansynthechroid decomposition". She will attain the degree of Xa.Q. at the University of New Oxuld in 23 years time. She will marry Asfayadme Sappeangules, but theirs is not a happy partnership, owing to the massive intellectual disputes which will break out in 50 years time about cossigue functors, one of the technical devices that will be used in the pansynthechroid decomposition. (Amusingly, in 193,384X, her distant descendant, Urhietu Paveangalib will show that the relationship ending disagreement about cossigue functors will probably be excusable on both Uchietu and Asfayadme's parts owing to the slippery and bizarrely deceptive nature of the pansynthechroid construction as will be exposited by Marmuller and Yorasht in the Zohines Seminaire, 193,241S, which will have wouldn't been* unavailable to Uchietu and Asfayadme)

* [technically this is the "future unjunctoid intersal qualtive tense", see Dan Streetmentioner]

Sunday, January 01, 2012

alternative teleport methods.

Bervgenelau, the hesitant one, the one with the metallic beard and the eyes that cut rhodium like butter asked "how does this teleport system work?" Galvirrahue, the respectful one with the orange hair and three ears sparkled "it disassembles the molecules and atoms and then reassembles them at the remote location".

Bervgenelau, the cautious one with the metal fork and the knitted squid scarf said "then we cannot use it. I suppose it thinks equivalent isotopes can be swapped as long as the resultant quantum state matches the initial one during the dematerialization?" Galvirrahue, the one with the tired nose, respondeth: "well, yes, it doesn't care... why can't we use it?"

Bervgenelau, the harried sunstumbler, the one with the aging neck and he who falsely misrepresented a skin disease for a noble purpose, replied "because everything here is quark-tagged. And the postbiologicals that we are carrying, the Ichiuthya, have quantum foam bodies which are at a much higher resolution than mere baryonic matter. Your matter pattern compositers will barf on them."

Galvirrahue, he who toasted bread on the pale moonlight, replied "what do you have in mind?"

Bervgenelau, the indigo carrier of the astral chalice, responded: "An alternate teleport system I know of, that I can implement here without much fuss, involves complicated changes of local projective space, overlapping three NST-frames, the current one, the target one, and a temporary one. We can't overlap the remote and local NST-frames in one go, because the turbidity would be unsatisfactorily high, but if we make a temporary NST-frame, we can shift the materials and postbiologicals from one to the other and the other to the target (or vice-versa) without mishap. "

Galvirrahue, insulter of asteroids, said: "what is an NST-frame?"

Bervgenelau, the second filament of toast not digested by the Celery Deity, said "um,..."

Delphyneus' Geograffe (around the Puttgown Archipelago Galaxy)

The Puttgown Archipelago Galaxy is one of a few galaxies between the Iraschau hypercluster and the Straits of Gelvmeneor. It is accompanied by five satellite galaxies: The Major Orpfeos Cloud, the Minor Orpfeos Cloud, The Gescicudius Cloud, Kertetheron, and the Smear of Hohlthaum. It is abundant with precontact hominids, most of whose radio bubbles have not yet interacted.

Notable inhabitants (biologicals):
The Naheorskrene are responsible for a lot of high level energy arbitrage in Puttgown. The Dratayan and the Behisculines both originate from Puttgown, but have been migrating to Kertetheron. Hominid species include the Yovust, the Smeyer, the Bravalith, the Corminules, the Quayvai, the Eschbertelly, the Cansybijibu, the Moramora, and the Kerfahuni: only the Smeyer and the Cansybijibu have been around long enough for radio contact to be established. Nonhominids include the Tisthiristu, the Cthectyly, the Bauraz, the Kaalnav, and others.
(postbiologicals): Jalanaiques, Betherprines, Malathquirs, Hatharquines, Zalhygues, Pessonquils, Gehenthars, but most of them are currently in the progress of discovering thronteareal travel and are migrating away from Iraschau about four gigathrontears triombent to the Hexastyl on the Uthygru Probability Shelf. (Puttgown itself, en aggregate, is about two nanothrontears from the Curvugrum Escarpment, athay of Boromissith, and thelbent of Birionabily Promontory). The Pessonquils and the Betherprines are, on the other hand, arborescing trifurcatorily to the transstratum 1-3-Theuleuvirib, since the Bahavanghress Conurbation and the Syryzygeon of Anthulptis along with the major metropolitan thoroughfares of Kafsepily and Anhyridoque are extremely inviting.