Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Question the screamings of semimechanical dirigibles, do you? I've not seen such poor dart-selling since the Third Revolution, and quite frankly, I wish I was exorbitantly indifferent to it, but as things go I find myself brought to a dither by the feeling of distaste it generates in my heart. As any green-blooded Vulcan will tell you, it's not the taste of the plo-meek soup, but how the mechanical wombat explodes that's important. In-co-fucking-herent? Why yes, it's a smeared array of concepts and referents. That's what happens when some bloody antinagarjunaicists
decide to drop a level zero probability bomb on the center of Denver. Nasty piece of work, it. A small diameter seven centimeter sphere coated completely in black. Nasty bugger it was. Kind of went off with a 'whom' sound. One moment it was there, the next it wasn't. But that point was suddenly the epicenter of a cascading wash of chance. Atomic bombs just kill everything. Probability bombs reweigh chances. Messy quantum-mechanical machines. Anyway, where wasn't I? Oh right. So this wave of nauseating turbidity marches forth. In half a second, the entirety of Denver is underwater and its entirely population have been transformed into mer-people. Chicago became a refuge for three-headed people. Small towns in Michigan and Wisconsin had their populations transformed into butterfly-headed people. In short, it was a complete and utter mess, not readily suited to a linear history (or even to any kind of history at all)

Monday, July 03, 2006

Dissociated Press, Wilngefluru-on-Zyne, Muguary 28, Blobe-Year 209,109 of the Nyctophloon Calendar:

Today Eisensubramanian Sninglefort Radipans and Corporal C. J. Mloodfoord performed a sting on a series of Objectivist Memetics sweatshops in Snorglesbury. The kingpins would import high caste academics and other thinking persons (both sentient and sapient) from Mlanstruntistan, Dynmoe and Raldzunctria and force them to write ridiculous postmodernist prose and analysis for nothing (three wonzlos sterling a month!)

The conditions of the workers were found to be inhumane: Lunatic robotic rats were found to infest the gutters, feeding on the scraps of paper and electroradiographic emanations from the steam-driven computers on which the workers were forced to toil. The machines have been impounded and are currently being recycled at the District Computologist's recycling station/ Memetic purification tanks. The machines were brought in truckloads and scanned to see if there were any idiotic ideas.

The People's Thought Freedom Purity Party objects to this kind of heavy handed sterilization of ideas before the populace can think about them cogently and perform reasoned discussion on them.