Wednesday, October 26, 2011

a horoteub

Xebateub of Moralys and the Chinders of the Ottoholk! The Berengthfar Cascades not too distant! Did Aratengep and the Struddins not crost the Yolker's Grylg? Nahar and Riedlonget had a long journey ahead of them when they crossed the sea at Yotgonnob, armed with nothing but bags of antelopenip and catspoons, prepared for an arras, a farrago, the minus-ministers and their attendants, bedeckants and prepared with otherrarities, their coffers fluent and not a rheochrone is sight, the yardale canisters gleaming in the mouselight, these preparational gatterhaulks being a collection of nose-mutterers, strulgasters, and otherwise unready for the upcoming Cuyvrels, Chovua? Maybe. Staraquayossib? Most definitely. Valafireon? Not a packet of mustard hence, these many-tempered truth-badours and their coteries of consomblent mockwahrks and other detractors might have left Susunklin with more than a smitter's blort. The Chalceron Highlands are noted for the serene winds and fierce auroras, but are inhabited by the Franahu and Bilvor, who are not so keen on visitors.

Friday, October 14, 2011


The Gnebe of WSOGMM://[[Callillorega]]://alaric.thylakoids.g1/hohlraum:123/5 on the fourteenth isosymbame hyperlateral to the Chorektheon Fissure are known to speak like this:

The Whoroun of WSOGMM://[[Alalyllix]]://coumarin.thylakoids.g4/hohlraum:523/2 straddling the nineteenth isosymbame adjacent to the Ayarghu Probability Shelf are known to speak like this:

Aruk Kretague-Psongpoi says that the languages of the Gnebe and Whoroun are "timbralleles" of the language of the Anglysc (see the Quythel catalogue for a precise listing of WSOGMM strobings where Anglysc is spoken)

Sunday, October 09, 2011


The ruins at Itaheum had been abandoned some fourteen million years. Condensed schrilg alloy and some thruk mostly, not things that erode easily. When Itaheum was in its heyday, small mammals had furtively scurried from building to building in search of scraps of food. Now they had evolved into megafauna: the tiny rodentlike povvobs (Churistoga tradensis) has evolved into hulking povvochrines (Neostoga arajaunensis) with jet black skin and three eyes a piece. They move very slowly, grazing on the hatzuk grass that had sprouted all over the fields surrounding the ruins of Itaheum.

The Uhu who had lived in Itaheum had done what most main sequence pombids tend not to do: rather than evolving to live only in the joyous moments in all their particular parallel universes per individual or congeal into some crystalline and sessile mass consciousness they had blossomed: as if their previous ensconcement had been a chrysalis for their current state: somehow they had managed, without much of the way of external guidance or catalysts, to auto-Uraster. There are many Itaheums around in parallel cosmoses in which the descendents of the Uhu are thriving: but this, their universe of origin is without them. Entities that are vertexes of Urasters will find that these ruins give them a strange feeling, like there is family here, and that this is home. Indeed, it is expected that within the next few thousand arapts that these ruins should be a Mecca of sorts for those who are vertices of Urasters.