Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Saylast mebongo, I am certain of the profundent premaritime trithypthonguency that is the sweet pungency of awarness last derived by the currencies of the Umong. I am a bastard, a principle minded by the Theorem of Beeblebrox, the nicest pos-cut I can find, but am I present, do I contribute to the dough, the visible glutinous froth that leads into the tomorrowhences of yesterdaymemory? Had I a campo a field a ommunique to the deifarct, would I be ready for the meaningful transposition of fear and mindrage, then I would set alone to atone to see to be. Ah, the prof says we're in luck, it's time for Absolute Beeblebrox Mode.

Sunday, May 24, 2009


Arvila imagines that the communication between the Alvar (or the Valar, depending on your local argot) who are high-frequency (hence 'whiny' or 'pissy', like orange juice or urea or the Carbon-Nitrogen-Oxygen cycle in a star) and the Cosmic Feminine Principle (which is nameless, timeless, Fourier-Inverse-Dual, and linguistically) dual to the Alvar, whose ministrations inside the cores of pulsars (both toothbrushes and neutron stars) are well known, are done primarily through kything -- necessarily two timebound clusters of entities who would wish to coordinate the dance of creation, perpetuation, and destruction -- should prefer a method of communication not merely monombent from, but diombent to the current nahambe.

Chronoskedastically (*we* thank Madeline L'Engle for the term), kything and telepathy are very different monkeys. Telepathy is like the artful arrangement of fortunes in Chinese over a telegraph wire. And my brain is up, so more later when my hands aren't so out of it.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Zrelvwharf 122b

One of the nicest sights in Jeongle amongst the Zrelvwharves of Cirappan is Escher Point, where a static Jumanjion lies. The Jumanjion is a weight 22-alpha variety and is cross-ramified with transjective space, with a countably infinite number of copies of Jeongle arrayed around it. The Jumanjion connects to a presingular samsara bound universe which is a proper Whence, namely Escafai-Charanungo-Thurdap-Praelioenior of Dirithyrillion when the Chung angle is pi/37 and the Star Sign of the Notorious Wosselflong is Heptagonaia. It is predicted that this Whence will hit a orthosingularity (but not a hypersingularity) within three nahamabes on the Covaia Kalendricum

rqri arrays

"In order to network quantum mechanical computers, a device called a RQRI array is required -- the acronym stands for "Realtime Quantum Retroreflecting Interferometry" array. Occasionally the network will burst -- all nodes will be simultaneously emitting data and absorbing data beyond their coherence threshold. In order to prevent this from occurring, a gadget called a Burst Contarxer is required." from Phlegelthon Caromby's famous text /Networking Quantum Computers: An Introduction/