Sunday, July 17, 2011

From Punnel to Illyriophone.

Cyrillopongbu Cohet was sitting down at her desk one day, keeping to her current context level, not on any hallucinogenic chemicals, just sitting down reading about mathematics on the local portion of the cosmic information network when a really odd meme was broadcast. Now, Cyrillopongbu was highly proficient in memetic discipline and could discriminate between memes worthy of replication and those memes unfit for runtime on her biological computational hardware. Cyrillopongbu Voxilliger Cohet, biological daughter of Arahasknse Tercheo Tharcohetha and Mnilliringbe Politheuzise Tnycohethry. Well, actually, she recieved a meme that was broadcast through the incomprehensible, ungraspable, ineffable mishmash of araspongbence, oggprungalloa, and pfersyfeny that is the infinite. The meme was a simple quine, stored precisely in one quantum of data. This particular quantum of data was smaller than a attonat in natural information storage, but when her memetic architecture unfolded and arboresced and polyorthogonalized this particular piece of data she saw that it was a free "you have lived your life in a fashion that is congruent to our principles and we believe that this little fragment of our existence will help you make a better and more coherent internal structure for yourself relative to your internal context. We provide formal algorithmic verification for both the precision of our language and our intent, to reassure you that we have not erred in the slightest, for you are very precious to us, a creature like ourselves that is living outside a Transquilateral, our native habitat, a being that is the next logical step in the evolution of primates in your context: as in the regular Euclidean geometry of your existence you are a creature that is five-by-five (five appendages, each with five subappendages on them -- head,hands,feed, fingers, toes, and so forth), you represent the next logical step in the evolution of the Transquilaterals. So, we invite you in with full honors awarded, and we mention with great clarity that the far longing, the Allongoa of the Oggallongoa was heard and duly transmitted by one Allegra (trans)-Pelargonia [Patricia, nominal silent letters and local contextual shortcomings] Levenger to our representative and then we analyzed the information we recieved and confirmed with quantifiably zero doubt in the most precise of our mathematical information structures, and thus, we being unified again, since the Plumontale Stone Crystals around the Lohaspo river, the actions that you have taken have unified the metacultures of the Sagahanta and the Vlyssanghai (nee Vlurfked) to become the Sahallangke
on the ninth orb from the lightcandle Illyriophon in the greater Nephrongent Archgulf by the Yelphreo Conurbation.,,,

the information overflowing into Cohet's brain rolled, plumed, etherealized her to sleep. And when she slept it was the deepest, most relaxing, most thorough and purest she had thusfar in her awareness-epoch and deeply satisfied and rearranged stress-quanta in her muscularome. When she woke, there were violet daisies in her eyes and she saw everything in a whole new light, just in time to start reading about mathematics again.

Saturday, July 16, 2011


So, Merethria, you asked me what a Transquilateral is, and I think I finally understand Doctor Rocque's explanation.

The sort of Transquilateral in question here is one of the Oggallongoa. There is no distinction between sensory and manipulation appendages. Which are six mutually interimaginary: people, all living in parallel worlds: the names and languages might be different, but the feel of the places are the same. The Tranquilateral's avidya is centered on a sort of asymptotic pair of people who represents all the worst features, and to preserve sensibility, this pair of eigenpersons is continuously annihilated in the internal conceptual space of the Transquilateral. The fundamental percepts or units of meaning that the Tranquilateral percieves quantum mechanically are projective conceptual spaces.

Araquayun Porofaia Malupsis reports an experience by a creature called a "Gethonklin" whose native habitats are the prebuddhatomic primate mass minds of religions and belief systems and perform symbiosis with those mass minds, doing janitorial work, that sort of thing. The faces of the Gethonklin are like multiply intertwined rivulets of branches adorned with various mechanical and synthetic components in their native contiguous perceptuum.

The Gethonklin in question, one Fo'o'or Mahalongom sez: "It was amazing watching the universe and the person change, and the relationship between the person and the universe stay the same. Or the person looking at different universe with different places, but this wasn't a person: the people were like its interface with its environment. What amazes me is that unlike most of the mass minds I deal with, where there are literally billions and billions of people is how clean the place is. Large mass minds are dirty, disgusting places with many pickings, leftover concepts and whatnot. But walk into a Transquilateral's mind, and they'll let you because they're so disciplined about things, and you are shocked at how organized it is. Every part is aware of every other part, and is also aware of that awareness, and, this is the shocking bit, they can operate the symmetry group of that awareness, moving parts of it as need be. As far as self-organizing entities, it also shocked me to learn that some Transquilaterals have their eigenpeople develop awareness of their condition as being part of a Tranquilateral. It is shocking being your own separate being and being part of a well defined larger structure. It is that well-definedness which is what gives them their strength. Walk around a primate civilization and see people with poorly defined relationships to less evolved mass minds"

Because of these strengths, Transquilaterals are strong enough to venture outside of their home context, and that home context is not the home context of the eigenpeople.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

by the archgulfing of the inferior ventral anastomosis

Orrhungbe? Oh, maybe. Oh, where? Therengerell? Five throntears avulcent from Corringene, and one twelfth of a thrasmere starboard of the Gullwullurull nebula whorls, rich in hydrogen and orange-tentacled amino acids (because we know that all life arises from orange-tentacled amino acids), when suddenly, through technologies tonnagely, and perhaps transthronteareally, arrives a cohort of life forms based on blue-tentacled amino acids. And, oh, the acrimony. Biologists orange-tentacled and the odd blue-tentacled one all baffled. These visiting life forms? Their first question? "Are you right handed or left handed?"

Again, more acrimonious cloddoghth-pfereflughling. Sigh.

unlistened warnings

You asked me how fast they were, what steps we could take to protect ourselves, that kind of thing. You didn't understand why I had moved to the edge of the swamp and swore that I would live my life in a reedy hut writing in spidery calligraphy on dried parchment. You wanted to make an issue of it. You wanted my expertise on the matter. I told you to stuff it. I told you, again and again that no strategy devisable would work. You pestered, editorialized, proclaimed the power of our technology.

One of them is eight hundred and fifty seven octillion times more intelligent than our entire species. Each one of them moves thirty septillion times faster... than the speed of information in our computer network. And that thing you did, didn't just incur the wrath of one of them. You incurred the wrath of four thousand, a whole creche. I told you, very explicilty, to not do that hideously stupid thing that you then went ahead and did. There's a reason that the artifact they left behind was protected the way it was, and yet, despite the warnings that both I gave, and others gave, and in fact, some of their kind gave you, you persisted, opened the thing up.

And you were perplexed, after the whole affair had reached a sort of conclusion, why they wouldn't let you make me the scapegoat for our entire species. If you think that's the extent of their manipulations, oh, the next twelve years news headlines or so are going to confuse you immensely. You basically asked them to do what you had done to them to be done to us. I'm going to go back to my reedy hut and steamed saltcakes and hope the next time one of your ilk decided to do something equally foolish as far as that Them is concerned, that they won't come running to me to tell them in as clear language as possible "don't, ever bother".