Friday, July 30, 2010

birch-swinnerton dyer

Arpanggestimo d'Lourdazzitor of the San Ulyhius Zogmaneering collective has made one last ditch attempt to disprove the Birch-Swinnerton Dyer conjecture. His attempt involves eight hours of bicycling, along with a variety of physical and mental activities, which, if interpreted appropriately by the Dzoigmuuh of Ploob will result in a concrete and verifiable disproof. Nobody, of course, believes a word of it.

Friday, July 16, 2010

one day in the life of a hyperdimensional pimple

Nerminandorah Fvuungyaraab CSq. (Centromere d'Squalladio, one of the five degrees that requires the electronic digestion of a pancreatic biopsy along with intense review by the Inquisse Fluvhurtoisse for eight months, along with the intense scowling of Lvetvuum Bartandale in order to be conferred by the Prooice Guignuifre of Cherzens, Sahanjelly Sparasticum in an inelegant ceremony involving the molluscan bifurcation of a garnet garlic clove as well as the recitation of the hideous anthem Yrogueflunby d'Fnuntum by the New Yasphrey Amalgamated Choir of Idiots and Other Persons of Less Than Nominal Capacity for three long, gruelling hours, accompanied by the eructation of Sallbrassico Tertungtip for thirty eight consecutive minutes.) stared disconsolately at her spoon, covered in beetles and mustard and gargarice brands that had been illegal for nigh-on forty cycles, and gristened herself to consume the bizarre poultice while Ermandio Vasclepftanh's hideous caterwauling emanated from the more byzantine heteromoronicides of Vor Clarzm. As the beetle legs and congealed mustard mixed fervently with a few remaining unoxidized molecules of cetylpyridinum chloride along her throat, the pustule that had been floating three inches in front of her nose the last five months, connected to the rest of her body by her hyperspacial anatomy, burst most disgustingly, releasing Hypercoccinia tesserensis (Van Mudgeweadge's Very Disagreeable hyperdimensional bacteria), Olroachithoabas brantwongifensis (Little Lady Artentoot's Vapidly Horrible Microorganism), as well as good old Staphy McInfectyou, which she cleaned up with Old Mister Fluorine's Astringent Cleaning Paste No. 22. Ah, the joys of the good life, when mustard gargarice and beetles pop old hyperdimensional pimples, and the symphony of Dvood Mransiber plays on the Sonic Walrus Quad Digital CD system.