Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Threy? Costivigas? Zortadec of the Lortademma has been at this a long time, two erbium nails in his second jaw and a rather fetching copy of Mostique's /Telachiridion/ under his arm as marches from the Cull westlands to the springs of Coholk. Thin fire lichens dot the stonescape, and prum birds with their fierce plumage and itinerant visages make minute hoffling sounds as they dart from flower to flower, collecting nectar. Prum birds evolved from the local hummingbird lineages: they are a social species consisting of all female workers and a queen. Zortadec's Instructor of Biologies,  Arauntelec of the Lortademma, told Zortadec many a thrun ago that the hummingbirds were evolving into a form of insect-like life, in terms of size and energy consumption.

Zortadec is a financial warrior, with wonzlos sterling and alloyed bricks of rhodium-bismuth alloy:gold is worthless, but lead is valuable given  the fact that Threy and Costivigas are both near Mysterious Radiation Accident sites 4, 2, 7, and 18. He's also got two bags of Miscellaneous Crystals that he's going to try to trade (haggle, bribe one of the Kurzollogue) for some Specific Crystals.