Thursday, October 23, 2014

Western Ket

Onondaga and Klinstyle, and, er, I don't know, maybe half of the Freeheigte had maybe meandered past the Tohoec ruins at the end of the day. Those were quite perplexing times. Zahagte merchants with their noodle spoons and the vosidro vendors offering tiny bits of plasma torched fruit ice-cream. I'd walk the streets and carefully note if any of them had changed configuration. A street might have oscillated freely by a tenth of a milliradian in the night but those of us armed with topological sextants are few and far between. Now, mind me, the world gets runny now and again, and we watch out for this thing. How many different cosmoses does the slant manifold of this world strobe past? Far too incomprehensibly many to count. I'd get frustrated if I were to try to hold it all in one place, burnished tea and all that. What was Kelpinhuet saying about Bristol-fashioned umbrellas and the Old Primate Behaviour Theory. I can never listen to that dribble for more than a tenth of a second and then I crave butterscotch pudding and salted walnuts, although, to be fair to most of the paper vendors down in the art district, I did obtain a Venschiezze certification some five strumming ago. The Getexfiennze should be overflowing its banks within a month, and the seasonal Mandropoan fishers should be migrating in from Pephrongopolis and the Anzidra Conurbation by the confluence of the Sceheb and Monsahanib rivers with the Great Galagoronghai. Perhaps you've met one of them, with their fluorescent orange rain slickers and their quaint little radios tuned to one of the Hoitgehr religious stations, where Mzoht Orbec Cahafune or Mzoht Trunec Fzulxidh is going on about //The Godgeless Antenhumbr of Droat// or //Sannat Granzias'  Amoral Eplisceration// or one of any of the incomprehensible inscrutable "fables" in the Tohhnabm. Oh, and I did see the study by Zr. Kelnius Hohetsgm claiming that the more religious these fishers were, the better their catch was, which Hohetsgm put down to some homomorphism between the belief structure of the fishers and the behavioural patterns of their favorite fish, the essetgok-noruhto.

I lost a disagreement with myself: fine, fine, I'll learn the stars and the butterflies (their evolutionary tree), and as much as I could know about trees, and lichens, and something about lattices, and tropes, and a few other obscurities, not because I want to be some type of expert, or whatever, but just because when in doubt, I creep (snooky-sneaky) towards the deliriously technical end of things.