Wednesday, July 04, 2007

central machine repository

NSUR -- Disdardissiplun Press, New Kawyark: Today, the Stunt Mathematician Leonhard Oillier proved the Riemann Zeta hypothesis for the fifth time while wearing full scuba gear (with annitric gaseous filters) doing an upside down reverse flip in the pools at the Sloosh gardens. The proof was carried out in a sequence of highly intricate hand motions actuating a remote control dry erase board. Upon finishing the proof, he said "well, it's been a hard year, with all the training with this proof-rig, and the category theory extensions to make it through the rougher sections have been things that despite my earlier unwillingness, appear to be excellent in their utility -- the Grothendieck universes have made some particularly thorny sections very easy to get through".

Sunday, July 01, 2007

like an inversase

dirigibles sleeping in the wings. a wind here and thence no signal transmitted was recovered by the antenna. agents and adages exchanged epistles at an arrhythmic rate. Snarheum the Narguille divided at will across the seas of Ithenor, in a transplural method. May have the disease -- the affliction of too much transesques