Wednesday, November 26, 2014

uneventlessness, or thresh'd swerves' wharves by the quay.

Fell over, falling, star(k)wash and o'er oceans.
I may have whispered "one valence", but like the story
of Eddie Valens and the Cheese Tardigrade, like thin
gray stalks and brains oozing in milky fluid mucilaginously
splaying Boltzmann horrors. I'd wait. Or forgot. Forget?
For south, for sooth, some untempered ruthful pyre at the
edges of the Western Kettle. Deliver engines, manuals in
plays and dramas, for hyperspatial metaphor embankments.
A three four, a three five? Of saltpetre and cetaceans and
protected glissandos and crashes to fragility or crashes of water,
first tiny ungulched ungluable dust fragments lost in the rug(shag),
the second, ephemerant and recurring in grand froths of bromine
and diatoms and deranged oceanographers. For local contravariance
suppurating from frequent transpositions, the eggs and the carrots, or
the penguins and the cotillion, switched for comic effect or
contextual highlighting (where's that dratted marker anyway?), I might
rebring, resing, unsung strung seaspray'd barchans chugging away:
the cosmic begets the absurd: the werks to sapience I bring bread,
cheese, lemons, lichens, whereas for the flat the walls begreen, the
incense purrs and there are ubiquitous hyperboloids. Depth-relativizers
deployed in the shallow alluvials unfurl, their extendable gantries
perorate before crayon orange cantilevers and articulation systems array,
arrange, knowing not to predict or prescribe the fenestrations of the morrowlands,
before hark aegis might bask in Herne's old tales, or pairs of plumbers deployed,
mayhaps  from five imaginaries orange of Ohio might have slumber'd? Sung!
Singing of glee and little surreal insurances etched in round zen stone, ratifying
smoke signals peace (or war, I don't know, I'm not New Jersey)