Wednesday, March 14, 2007

calling from the bunkers...

are you reading this, right now? just one another human
in the human condition? worried about all those gadgets
in your life? contextualize? if you're a mathematician,
dissolve the difference between holomorphisms and
groups and categories... do that! be magical about it!
be astonishing clever and undetectable. don't be visible
and all of a sudden something so sudden and incomprehensible
happen and you realize that what you have been mistaking
for ignorance is the connection of all things to all
other things.

we stake the hopefroth as much as possible at any given time.
and sometimes we burst forthward and make a leap which is
neither quantum mechanical or general relativistic or
category theoretical or medical or holisticic or p-adic or
you name it, all of a sudden it just hits:

the english speaking world needs a new muse. a Muse proper.

therefore, if stuck between unreasonable rhymes and unrhymeable
reason (expressed so wonderfully in 'the phantom tollbooth', therefore
we have Eurhimde, who is neither unreasonably rhymed nor unrhymable reasoned.

I think I'm stuck being the Great Narrator for a while, a role I really
do not want, but, oh well, sometimes grep and pineapples manage to zonk you like nothing that you've ever seen.