Monday, February 28, 2011

some Arrhé

Mahengorua, mahengorve: can mean 'fear', 'terror', 'horror', 'avidya', 'abhinevasa', 'bad', depending on context.

amangoa means 'good', but is open ended, and can be compared. There is greater and lesser amangoa

bavpua or bavpué mean 'surprise'

oggpongkoa denotes 'transcendental good'/'transcendental amangoa', which are events or experiences that are good without compare, the bright spots in dreams, the moments in our lives that we covet and are all too brief and fleeting. French translators (such as those who do not manage existence failures) typically call this one "ogg transcendantale". English translators tend to prefer things like "nirvana" or "the pong(u)ent"

oggrungkoa sort of denotes "domestic amangoa" -- or domestic bliss. (there is a glottal stop in between the g and the r", the sort of more sidereal and pedestrian kind of bliss that comes from doing something with repetition and eventually moving from incompetence, to competence, to mastery, to maintenance. This is the mundane, and likewise, French translators of Arrhé render this one as
"ogg mondaine". English translators prefer "domestic bliss" or "the rung(u)ent"

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

bugaboos of the undermonster.

Dozpadro of the Arschyne Highlands collected two droves, and look man, stop, I've had enough of this. I'm just sitting here at this point in the erf for Herr Mosposio and I can't be bothered to answer every meaningless query the Majordomo Brokvoom issues, in triplicate, written in Basque. I just don't have time. A fiddly one he is. All "I'm the major of the domo!" arigato Mr. Roboto he goes, pointing out naked emperors everywhere he goes. In fact, I'm fairly certain that everyone is a naked emperor to him. It's kind of scary to watch. Yesterday he interrupted a badminton game to loudly and irritatingly call a flock of starlings "a congress of naked emperors!". If he weren't the grandaunt of Lec Vronsitio he'd probably be taken to a rest area and given a hamburger.

Monday, February 21, 2011

the art of syzygy

The Lerispella of Glaunther's Aulk have a practice, they call it "the syzygy" -- it is their form of yoga. I quote from Arhulme Quaensporohenga's book "A Meek Guide to the practice of The Syzygy":

"Many things are encoded into muscle memory, typing, writing, speaking, the expression of language. But also, too, is fear. Our fears and worries are too encoded in our muscles: our muscles serve as memory proxies in a way, for the brain. A muscle perpetually tightened will accumulate scar tissue -- what they call 'adhesions' in the fascia. Memories which produce such things are locked away, not so easily accessible. Which fear is fundamental? Ask someone what they are most afraid of. What do they find themselves thinking about often. Even those without a fear of death may have another sort of fundamental fear that has been encoded into their muscles and which restricts their movement. To free one's movement one must free one's muscles from this restraint.

Furthermore, the concentration of energy in a particular part of the body may be abridged of supernatural denotations: observe that when one tightens a muscle, the body will increase blood flow to that part, therefore increasing the available carbohydrates available to the mitochondria of that part of the body. There is no need to invoke dualistic notions of life-force or whatnot. Now, the concentrations of stress in the body can easily be visualized by taking an x-ray of a person and having them in between two x-ray polarizers in much the same way that the stresses in transparent plastic may be visualized by placing the plastic in between two visual light polarizers orientated at opposite polarizations. The aim of the art of syzygy as we practice is to determine how that stress is distributed and what energy the body is applying constantly to maintain such stresses, and which stresses are superfluous and can, by this art, through careful and coordinated massage, stretching, acts of dexterity, be determined where that stress resides in the body, and how balance can be achieved by noting how the body uses energy asymmetrically, and attempting, as much as possible, organize and structure what was previously incoherent.

Self-knowledge is paramount, as well as self-awareness. Now for the first series of data tables and x-ray polarigraphs of various persons with various life histories..."

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Doodles about Greater Arphrungia

Arphrungians, alloyed and annealed, strong like buckycarbon, what a noble breed of anthropomorph. They wield and yield like a mad mother just during the birth of her first child, or a nervous brain surgeon during her first callosumectomy for an epileptic. Never leave your pet news corporation and general paranoia network unaccompanied with an Arphrungian, or they will return in the morning with a more accurate and equitable arrangement more suitable for the ecumenical discourse of the commonweal. Greater Arphrungia is the nation itself, while Lesser Arprhungia consists of most of the West Bluelands in the glorious and peripatetic nation of Orpheon, and most of the Arphrungian exiles who live there live there because they cannot deal with the overwhelmingly and incapacitating level of awesome that permeates Arphrungia, so they have meandered north of the border and peacefully exiled themselves to the less awesome West Bluelands. (as certified by the International Awesomeness Rating Committee).

Arapulskietta and the Darthington Mroab

Oh, Wulsterfloygh, did you not harness the chance of the century? Did you not, in the tonnages of time, with arabesques of the purest iridium, shine like the radiant Aramhac on the fields of Lohaspo by the Arthuygnian? Oh Golloschella and the batterbonds of Cvisse did the sulferfumblers of the gorge get their reptillian revenances in order. It is a last resort of the foolish, a commandment by which our avauntular (avaunt, avaunt, exeunt!) and avuncular vice-cheeses can find solace in the grilled varieties in vacuous victuallers from here to the wilds of Sanhelamon.
If they claim that coherence is the boondoggle of the spiritually bewildered, then I must be like a tree-river on the edges of the Oceans of Reason, because, unlike the dithering lots of the clerestories and the binary enigmas of Sar Argyre, I juggle.

Monday, February 14, 2011


Aryffhon, Bthegmy & Sons has released a new hypermaterial. It's called "knerst", and is probably the least dense ultrahydrophobic material known. A cube of knerst, if the sides are smaller than 5cm, will float, on one of its corners, on water, because the knerst water interface will tend towards one of minimum surface area.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

more random cosines for the Stalk of Graoulk

They are the stealers of dreams, the ribald opportunity cost of a frothy tomorrow, their foamy redoubtable and orange in the scene makes a man like a damned cabbage, oh, did you see? Were you there? Had you your assigned yoghurt and curcumin and riboflavin dyed ceremonial bloaking stoot? Did the Abbess of Prencep offer you some tea and pastries while the Madmarchmain band played its swansong for the everlasts and the thukdam appealers at the Cemetaries of the Green Fog? Oh, I may have pasted my text string on the Grand Concourse of the Schrelleng-Gloats and I may have abridged Stenuel Larancil's great work Methods in Ant-Farming, Volume 123, published by Saint Ardwunt's Press, New Stobbro, Calancishire, West Bluelands, in the great nation of Orpheon, and have made remarks that debrided the great Pustule of Simonk and bloagthrettes to his miss minister, but dost thy yield unregard my clean understumblings? Fortooth, a dental man and a lord of the manor had offered not thrice ducats to the teller, and the gone world unutterably didn't have the mustard message at the right point, I tell you did Salas Gran-Tranthessima have a whit or a wit by the distances? No! Like any good Arphrungian, Gran-Tranthessima made his living by doggerelwauling at the Strident Arms and the Ferestory of Blubitmas, and then his plomongaste did have a free pension to calculuate his infinite series. Oh! Whengfrunct saddened by the funereal dirges of greater Arphrungia.