Tuesday, October 28, 2008


The phrase "abort mit gift" means "toilet with poison" in the language of the Germans. But I have not come these thirty Exaparasangs to talk to you about strange Teutonic poisons or the Afterbirth of one Melizza F. Nethernong. What the Ortionists do in their strange being-factories borders on obscene. By careful positioning of atoms and molecules they straddle the border between life and non-life, between trapezoids and pentagons, between riboflavin and isoquinolines.

Thursday, October 23, 2008


The manic resender asks if I had an approximation that would be applicable to the endless stream of requests that I had to analyze at the edge of time, and indeed, I saw that I had no recourse but to appriximate using one Bessel function at my disposal, and the learning curve was pretty steep: I floated between inchoate lemniscates demanding a payraise because Tim the Tinner didn't want to tin baluchitherium meat, or should I say Timbad the Tailor: I don't knot straps even on the best of days.