Wednesday, January 24, 2007

nonsensica mathematica

It is notoriously easy to compose completely meaningless -- and meaningless in the sense that any world in which a given interpretation that the given thing under consideration makes sense would be one with sufficiently other rich pathological disabilities and instabilities that one would not be able to live long there without wondering why the first little autocatalytic thing didn't say "life, why bother, what's the point, we're all going to be attacked by random peroxide radicals this day or that" and then expired in the prebiotic melange -- arrangements of words to suit -- as in a hypothetical set of argumentum ad "this is meaningful to me" -- fallacies of significance, that is, things which seem at first to be important because they contains words or nouns or other fractured processes which are dear to our heart, but on further reflection, are not about anything at all. While I stridently enjoy this about-nothing character, I also find it particularly noisome, when it is used in lieu of a point. Beyond the point that the sand castles have no foundation and float in the air because someone is believing really hard that they float, I must scratch my head and say "um, okay." It is good to know that some people think this about art. But I have not spent enormous amounts of time considering art qua art. Most of my bugaboos concern irreplicable reasoning and such foibles a la Sokal. To wit: I'm concerned with generating random, meaningless argumentation for the hell of it, and because I think that it's useful to create sophisticated forgeries of good reasoning. The dihydrogen monoxide ballyhoo, the randomly generated paper made by some clever MIT folk, and so on: these sorts of snags wonderfully and delightfully illustrate where the argument to authority -- or at least to authoritative language -- crops up.

I find myself less and less convinced by long pages of incomprehensible mathematics -- I want to see pictures or movies which demonstrate the points which the text is making, rather than congealed masses of symbols -- those I don't trust, for example:

"In Theorem 3.4.1, we proved that a k-ary snark tree is only loosely inequivalent to a forked n-ary warthyff tree with 67 or less intrusions. Recently, Karmblen Nuychteff showed that a forked n-ary warthyff tree must have a prime number of intrusions if it loosely inequivalent to a k-ary snark tree if and only if the thneed signature of the forked n-ary warthyff tree is an odd multiple of seven or twelve less than a Mersenne prime. The proof is as follows: by Van Snordglington's lemma, there exists an exhaustive homomorphism from the space of forked n-ary warthyff trees that commutes with the extrusion codomain of the space of k-ary snark trees. Since Kan extensions are the most important concept, we take Kan extensions of both the exhaustive homomorphism, and the forestry service functor H7(p)(x), giving us a profinite module on the category of snark trees which resolves to the adjoint functor of the warthyff image tree. Then we take the combinatoric reduction of the forestry service functor and enumerate the correspondences between trees. By Van Kampen's theorem, the spaces are homogeneous and therefore we can fold-remove the forked trees, and that counts all of the nodes and branch-points up to the exhaustive homomorphism. Then we take cases: either the trees are Wilkes-Barre or the space isn't Hausdorff, and since there density extrusion matrix is singular only when the thneed signature is a multiple of seven or twelve less than a Mersenne prime, we're halfway there. Except that even multiples of seven don't work because of the unrenormalzed kappa expansion in the density extrusion matrix"

See? Completely and utterly meaningless. A better method might work by stitching five mathematics papers together, and changing them so their nouns and verbs are consistent with the nouns and verbs of the first. Oh well.

Saturday, January 13, 2007

heliochromesis astringes Alcuinex

"The sliced holotome is not unique: it is ultimately and especially idiosyncratic and furthermore random in character: by its relations it is fractionally distilled from tathata: it is cracked, splintered, sundered, ensconced: but adjourning focus on the synthesis relations and moving to the effervescenzium, the following is found: to be conscious of something is quite explicitly to not be that thing. The Classical Errors number three: first, confusing consciousness with participation: if you are conscious, then you are seeing things tangentially: all that resolves to zero is an equivalence class across which ..."

the perils of persephone (obregard for annagran)

"The notion that other sentients of the same species have the same experience of the world as you is one of the tricksiest little bugaboos to properly digest: whereas peering on fragmentary detritus synthesized by the cantankerous outside-looking in schools of analysis creates contrails of prescriptive reality declarations: oh, our orthogonal and sloppy data collection reveals that your brain works some way only means that the way we have ensconced our theories and models of the functioning of your brain (and by proxy, your mind in our current abstractioneering campaign) are peer-accepted: whether these theories correspond to your sensorium is another question which is beyond the scope of our reasoning, but we don't admit this to ourselves: rather we will entangle ourselves with the notion that our theories are in fact the way the world works, and that our sensory experience is subsidiary to them. Regrettably this belief is not only exorbitantly wrong, but leads to map versus territory confusions as well as other mistaken congealments and faith based approximations and extensions to the horizon or to the local whatever high dimensional topological atlas and to even further vortices of confusion. You do not have any idea what other people are experiencing, or how they construct their world from their senses, only that the slice of their senses and your senses that are fibered over shared regions/spaces/etc. are homomorphic to another, or at least for you, what you see corresponds to your specific sense slicing of the world, and that other people's sense slicings of the world are different, and so forth and so on"

Wednesday, January 10, 2007


the determination of the whole and organically encompassing experience determined by and for a generic experiencer in a particular foliation of a point of view synthesized in the long migration from here to there and thus thusness recoils in particulars expressing the isolated monad both parochially and sequestered sequelae of the current adumbrated excession to withdraw the major rhombent of experience in the field pleat of experienced reality sloshingly indexical to the mirror referent of the current world illocuently turrowed gannet sleids apprehended in the current plane pearl of expression to wonder whereas the knarves of elsewhence wail inconsegruities corroherent stalk parcels brick charged in jangling kalliphany atwixt and beheld the sussurancies of the arroven moment to retrieve the arrayed arroyos of the singular experience of the individual as yet unframed by language and other syllogistic in extensio res in transtensio media for formal prodromes and unhinged by slarky allotropy readying the phraseological synthesizer for endrumbant prospharetic calembricam oh Ohonckoa's clarion fanfaronade of the chordantly specified All Concept in the ears of polythesis plural from the unwhence to the transbegotten plural amharic charged copper sieves slarrayed in the theuropause upon the wholefroth of the Minor Cosmic Russell Moment of the irerratic
holoclines outgassing preponderant exiguum by trochlear misapproximation upon and beneath
the flow fold of the gate groves sharply and expungently exterrogatorily conefoaming the plurfect anhinged hold cloves of yesterwhy. Ohonckoa extensoris in abrupt tarhammeringly
birefringent asclepions to so and purely state with all channels in all substrates contingent upon the harmonious and unencumbered conceptual anchor to sarrow and make manifest the furrowed and the context reference by gainly and message consistency in all manner of interpretations so demanded and criticised by preference and clarity to ensconce and signify the shoreheres on the express and dubitously prime understanding for here and thusly made current and inhortative expressaria to wit one moment of all moments to clarify and elucidate most surfulgent and ferry without request by capstan plural and magnanimity grand cosmic in approbation and candor most transparent and without undue misrepresentation by sake of expression for the node index of the local gate cloak thereby exactly and harmoniously presenting the weave of now.

Friday, January 05, 2007

swim prep

"did you ask them what they believe? did they tell you? i think that they didn't say a thing. or else you misinterpreted. it's not the kind of answer that you can write on a piece of paper or a million pieces of paper or countably infinite pieces of paper. i quite expect you were out of your league. oh, don't get huffy with me. i keep telling you that you need to go there, or here, or elsewhence and pour tea down your kettle. no, it's not something you can buy in the store or demonstrate via religious faith, science, or epistemology, nor is it something that is a thing in the abstract or the concrete, nor is it nothing or nothingness. you keep complaining (quite loudly in fact) that all these cultural wars are nonproductive, and then you gingerly plunge into the fray loudly and drunkenly claiming your own epistemological ascendancy. see, i'm moving. at least, i'm staying still. i won't be here tomorrow. and neither will you, but i won't be elsewhere, and mayhaps you won't. no, it isn't magic, why would you think it was that? oh, argument from mystery! still harking back to logic as your own fundamental system of abstraction. you know i get more mileage out of arguing with objectivists! ok, ok, point taken, but it's not as if all of my marbles have crawled on the floor: there's a sequence of that's downright impossible: exclamations of incomprehensibility and multiply enfolded awareness, folded back onto itself, a transcendental blue purple vapor plume interpenetrating itself. dear gouraud shading no i'm not hawking this. you couldn't make a war from this stuff if you tried (at least not directly, and that's a separate question).

see, i can give you flotsam and jetsam, but it comes from and is gone to thusness: little farandolae, terraced chance-shelves, chromic engines, jumping color jacks, braided attention swirls, transelliptic orreries, and you'd be like "is that IT? is that the ULTIMATE THING?", and you wouldn't make the leap to jumping on the reference jungle and just losing yourself in the network, and that's precisely what you need to do: that's the essence of direct mystical experience, you stop trying to hold on, and just for once the boundaries between you and the universe, specifically, your ego and the universe evaporate. it's this chaotic froth weaving in and out all the time and you're just so immensely close, but everyone keeps saying that again and again: world doomsayers usually predict that tomorrow the world will end, and yes, tomorrow, the world does end. the world never ended, the world always ended, but that isn't the nub of the question, or the thing to hang your worries on.

if i were to use a change of contexts operation, you'd see that your opinions are meaningful: there are reasons that you hold them, either because they are authentic imagings of the world around you, or because in them you hold your stresses in order to survive -- even if they aren't authentic imagings of the world. but just staying in that mud puddle of yours is not productive. there's a, oh dear where do i start?

it's like this. you're a little civilization humming along, maybe you spend the first several thousand years acting and living like primates, and forming your own opinions of yourself as the highest form of life (as if!), and producing systems of self-appraisal which are hideously prescriptive and moreover aren't exhaustive catalogues of the type and kind of your creature that could exist because you spend so much time trying to bend the types of people you think there are to the types that you have imagined should be, and otherwise blasting the hell out of each other, and then finally, and invisibly, the world changes. this isn't the type of transformation that you can walk out in the street and see, or read about on the newspaper or the global information processing network, or even be aware of for a while until and only until it kind of gels that it has happened, and is happening, and will continue to happen. this is not a mystical or quasireligious or scientific or experiential transformation thus history will have a hard time coping with it. but more to the point once it has happened it takes much much deeper perspective to determine that it happened.

let's examine the impulse to find extraterrestrial life: why does this happen? because everything under the sun is dull, more to the point, people don't take the effort to avoid alienating other people, then fetishize the alien because it is the proverbial other. here 'extraterrestrial life' means 'sentient life'. but the whole (physical) space exploration program has a massive social cost, and it will mean bringing the problems of human beings to more places. your science fiction stories reflect this. the apposition of the desire of the different against the dull doldrums of the same when splayed against the primate territorial acquisition, defense, and resource control methodologies leaves a sorry taste in one's mouth. waxing poetic: you are part of larger structures. astronomers are the galaxy's way of understanding it's large term structure. it would be a sorry state of affairs if it were so easy for young species to continue their idiocies on grander and larger scales. what is farther away is so much more imminently close in the mind than it is in physical space. the anthroposopher Straywasp Gwongrive hypothesized that one reason for the general relativistic properties of space was to act as an in built speed limit of the territorial activities of primitive species. and make an anthropic argument you don't: you already know exactly what happens in universes where the speed of light is easy to cheat, just look at your science fiction. with great capacity, comes great responsibility, some philosopher said. the scope of your species' capacity to deal with energy corresponds to your species' capacity to deal with itself, and correspondingly to the length and reach of each member. there are shortcuts, but these do not involve phallic objects launched at ridiculous speeds to other worlds for the purposes of colonization. " -- Zanhai Arripongelet of the Codewarper Valve of the Fifth Thylakoid of the Greater Migrating Shenzoro Clade of Aunhex in the Yolk of Diparwanzion.

Monday, January 01, 2007

more mutterings

"... Carasweldgnahe antrempofzag asonclesse anyndrearhin dozmois u'lamparo theumas mahacryptais havouresis ferruly arnhenga dilleprouze azimun drandgepedran uzqe niorzem bal anhannehuve derzoran nogo dizunculi boen atauverre eryjoehvs bel drunnen tartomid vol'va
salmitropan astransgentian cin hollihoedreon amhaug jruzqwaysche dolpidro noehzhoi dunnet esprungum balispliris ehai nahengene eurhimde[4] jengeuear adhorinhe dzombe greungeon anhingas yelhirne ashokare belbillispin dysploris auhembe droyario aninculire ehaia jhengerai apilontophor dzeunxes tirincore ahaia avelvenirion dodenculi abhai dazdenzarpore doxynde jeunhe vovarin kellenga[2] harhimporaron esshai cingive mynzarevei daldroparin omhomen billabole hilule nahambe[3] zengheia hinzifloen dasmenin goronculi mahatryptahaia ahonifare jaspanellongis deldispafar ahare geverrengea aspingoa hohengafar gyngoehe xerynxe[1] dilhongiflora anhome uzqen a'lorzano juntheungil holoploraga?"

[1] A xerynx is a species of vyrhex, specifically Vyrhenxes xerynxior, otherwise known as the Sparse Iridescent Thistled Vyrhex, Henrietta Jaljuxe's Spectacular Vyrhex, or, to the native Arhaxen of the Greater Zervuli peninsula as The Quasi-Animal Which Emerges From The Chance-Plumes When The Night Is In The Third Purple Frond And The Catnip Frog Hibernates, Oh Ohonckoa, the Lemon-Bifurcated Astringent Tea Parity Bribe Engine Which ululates on the Transrational conductor in the Wavy Pentagonal-Odor Gravesieve, amongst other and various denotations and epithets. Despite the outcompetition of most species of vyrhex by parabiological Grothendieck-Teichmuller groups imported from Gondwanaland, the xerynx is actually doing better than it would be had the spurious groups not been imported.

The diet of the xerynx is rich in potassium, vitamin B17, deuterated ethanol, tritiated citric acid, fourteen dimensional wildebeest event sheaves, defunct French philosophical concepts, deoxygenated mafipulated phlogiston, sulfagne, xenon, GABA, water, antimatter carbon, Zervuli wharvethrushers (both the smectic, symplectic, and quasinematic varieties), dhyana phosphatases, iridium boride, hydrogen, and ennui chlorates.

[2] A kelleng is worth (k+48)/cos(12-k+1) wonzlos sterling, or 1.28179381011e-49 octavian pence.

[3] A nahambe is a unit of measurement equal to (e^sqrt(bet_9)) metaparasangs/joule, roughly 1.1180019491 yoctokalpas, or an eighth of a gregorium.

[4] The act of eurhimde is to violetly stave the rindwreathes harking betwixt the vexing hopefroth undergnarlingly approximating the ghostgrease beneath the grainflows while shudderingly overfoaming the bosonic bass chord in turbid and intentionally precise misapprehension against a (3,4,-0) comment cloak without birefringing the blue wreathpleat. It is not used metaphorically above. The bound ossar is "eryjoehvs" and the resolvent is "jruzqwaysche" (which is used metonymically and paraleptically but not analogically). The base point referent is "avelvenirion dodenculi abhai dazdenzarpore doxynde" and the migration curl coordinate system establishment tensor is given by "geverrengea aspingoa". It is worth noting that the Carsten-Heyzsler comma does not include the deity orgasm, and that the trees were most definitely very satisfied, but the wrengos disclaimed their lack of satiation most vociferously.