Wednesday, May 05, 2010

heptalogical legal systems

The Blordgemauls of the Ponzifrept Acassuary have one of the most bizarre legal systems this side of Tertiary Orstellenj. They believe that in every conflict, that there are precisely seven contradictory positions which must be appropriately represented for any fair jurisprudence to occur, and that successfully carried out jurisprudence will result in two of those positions to be vindicated, three of them to be neutralized, and the remaining two to be "decolprifated" according to Blordgemaul law. No exact translation of "decolprification" is available in the current language settings for this application, but weather radar suggests it involves quantities of druid fluids, nymph lymph, satyr 'gators, dryad helipads, naiad gonads, and transmythological nose-baz to the ailerons of Plongbleuss, the Rhythm of Bonspirsse. Every five blorsdeps, the Kung of Foongs, the leader of the Blordgemauls undergoes a "polycolprification" at the hands of the underbegotten, which is apparently necessary for their legal system to function.