Wednesday, February 04, 2015

Far off lands beyond the sea

Cyan cupric overgreen'd, torus rungs and pine night sap, 
future lucent histories, heart and hearth and arrrrh, in teafroth
barycenters, alluvial liquids, ventral plosives, umbral echo consonance,
triply chromophotaic infinite cardinals, from thine to me, mine for thee
connects, structures, reticulates and within, sussurates with harmonies, eppur si muove, along along, amongst amidst, thy deep dream lang
gauges... illumes intertidal serenity.

Permanence? Orders-of-Magnitude-Relatively-Less-Transitory-Than-Life-as-a-Whole-Feels! With allegros and lichen lined fugues, precessing Struve functions
and nougat, bark-birch by grainy sand through a mesh, summery melodies and summae and productae, foliated across grainy sheaves, producing spaghetti, telegrams, intaglio copper-glyph printed towels, hygge: whenever of late life has edged to the forequoted disasters, I have thought of thee edges-of-sleep tiny radiant butterfly warbling leftwards, and plumes of warmth, peace, and safety bloom in me.