Thursday, May 29, 2008


I vehemently disagree that the most efficient representation of the mardi gras function is expressible in seven complex variables: it has been firmly demonstrated that the sidereal etherealities of the principal latitude might be seven in number

Thursday, May 15, 2008

scaphandral waltz

the no-moment is? such vainglorious commentary on the here-now leads one to various topologically isolated cairns and stuttergraces, various charged poles and mountainous momentaries like the understratocumulus of the fibered wing, the vast paradox strewn deserts in between islands of vague coherence, but in this butterslice of a unitary evolution does the grand diagonalization of the eigenworld leave one's drum impressions like the bathyscaphandrae of the intertidal lassitudinous creeping vines making the unesthetics and the vaporous extensions to the reactive theographers like some oft-cast runewright at the edge of reality (or some other parageographic cluster-spoon) trying to approximate the moment of untenable nonesuchness: a crisp moment of nothingness which all sentient beings crave, which is lost in the wind, in the palpable complex chemistry of the water molecule mandanganai, of the interior beth-2 mandalas and chargescapes which belie the propositional consistencies and n-th order logic (whether predicate calculus or category theory), some kind of homotope-homotope-homotope-om meditative glee might tear asunder the langlands sextants and other navigational aids of the other, the void which grinds. Aerophanous and diaphanous probability sheathes echo and collapse between basso profundo and treble shallow, making a mockery of the dithyrambs of the underbirth. Because Here-Major is a plenitude which is forgotten and perhaps and posthaps and mayhaps a gleaning of the tremulous wishes of the minus-ministers might lead some complex not this not that not the other reformulation of Nagarjuna or Chaitin to consider solutions to equations outside of the normal manifold: whither Buddhism's slow climb up Asia Major and the imputed wonderful nothingness which was achieved somewhence but I don't care to talk about because the lambda constructors taste like mint.

some afterthoughts of a transfinitist

the alefs, are not as easily apprehended as the beths. the beths, are easy to grok. it is easy to produce sets, such silly things, that have sizes corresponding to the beths. the alefs on the other hand are confusing, but more to the point they are indirect and marginal. the glossy misapproximations of large and sizeables leads to malleable and vaporous considerations which are complicated and differentially resproinged in each groaling. Between you and me, well, I'm not a believer and I'd rather spend my dzenxvrunx on something more ponderous. A series of qualifications of the quantity of the sizes of sets transmarginalized on the degree of their own unattainability or their imponderability! And then the brain-wrenching stomachaches induced by considering sets of sizes alef-sqrt(2)! Which, considering there's no general construction of sets with alef-sizes, though many a transfinite inductionist might claim that there are such things, I don't believe it. We're still trading here, in sets, herein sets.

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

drunken vertiginous endive-dime.

It is a supreme act of an arrogant logic to suppose that the central bank is an cultural engine, sweeping and weeping distant grain husks and convex hulls of compact and comatose sets all in various directions: how much striving, strewning, thewing and miscalculating can one perform without a compass: with a Langlands sextant and other more exotic arrhythmia makes the master plan a mistaken maze: an offering made in some dizzying maze of incomprehensible proportions and paradoxical steam engine lined copper cities and some meritorious redoubling of one's resistence to the message of the Cone People. I was not an attendee of said conference and indeed my misdirection laid waste to the transdipthongous sheaf-curling thylakoid-traversal that was planned way way in advance and never had a neologism or a shuck-starrowingly misprecise attribution of cleverness: it was a conic dithyramb that had the master messhuginah geffer chain and then we wondering how many of the thyme travelers had actually accrued relativistic credits to the Bank of Altair (not a reputable bank), because our structs and unions were rabidly chaotic chirugeons of disaster that we had to ask our attendant cleverscapes why we were lost at sea.