Wednesday, March 24, 2010

remarks on the indecency of the coffee bean

Orvomalan sat dejectedly at the tree-stump. Oh, why had Bridgedeer and Gatefoam wandered off past the green whorls of the countryside into the Tetradrachm of Doom? Such questions ricocheted around in Orvomalan's mind as he sat manipulating a tree-stalk in his hand, its shadow in the sand, the sun in the sky, and the thin, coruscating backache that was slowly meandering past his conscious mind like a dewdrop in a hurricane, or a dead pet rock upside down in a terrarium. He took a sip from the decanter and looked blearily at the orange-yellow horizon. Numerous black pin-pricks scattered -- a flock of Vollong birds, in their biennial migration from the Cozzon's Grove to the Ilamtheres of Cruvaung. Orvomalan contemptuously started flicking rocks around out of abject boredom. Bowling nights (and more frequently days) were often like this. The endless listlessness dissolved in the barred contrails of ennui winding their ways through the bleary angst-filled sky of his emotions did not make him pleasant company, but since most of the rest of the populace was conjuring similar mental contrails, he was in what was at least decent company because they all could relate.