Wednesday, June 27, 2012


To: Thorhayo Artaunac Cehte
From: Mahgteimge Alliringve

Cehte: I know that I haven't had much time to examine the monastery's data library, but my suspicions about the Yorbulmanar monks have been rapidly confirmed: of the eighty million individual items in the library, there is not a single mention of the Violet Narrative, either directly, implicitly, metaphorically, figuratively, or allegorically. Even after processing with support vector machines and doing semantic fragment restriction alignments, there is not one thing that corresponds to the Violet Narrative.

The semantic, ontological, belief-systemological, and epistemological makeup of the Yorbumanar monks as well as the Thiemdy belief system in the surrounding areas do not seem to have the slightest nuance of the Violet Narrative at all. The debates between Nyrasthmgoi and Partilsiuzneb, for instance, are awash in the semantic valences between the Green and Orange Narratives. In fact, the entire corpus can be easily (it's begging for it, really) parsed in terms of the Green and Orange Narratives. There are some fragmentary pieces of the Blue and Cyan Narratives here and there, but they are quickly discounted for one specious reason or another. The entire world-picture of the Yorbulmanar and the Thiemdy is built up from the dichotomy/duality between the Green and Orange Narratives.

Now, I know the Abbot, one finicky Snelcurb, a Tiefahoy Oratellingne, has said very emphatically that he doesn't really understand the Green and Orange narratives, and has a particularly blank and uninviting look on his place when one tries to explain the Violet Narrative to him, but I think you really need to write/convince Ehunimy Corthungne, the district beadle of Yorbulm, that the Violet Narrative is important -- and not intrinsically because the Violet Narrative doesn't make sense intrinsically, whereas the Green and Orange Narratives spend a lot of ontological time building up their own intrinsicity -- because as we both know Yorbulm and the prefectures of Kranme wherein the Thiemdy belief system is prominent have been undergoing a decline while the other prefectures of Kranme, Tsolkhaye, Paphera, Scalthisserose, Timen, Bartharangara, and Multsumbe have all been ascendent of late. We've controlled for all the other variables -- diets, reproductive styles, biology, media habits, data consumption, neutrino diffraction, geography, and in 98% of our models the one stumbling block is the Thiemdy belief system because of its (intrinsic though opaque) structural dichotomy between the Green and Orange Narratives.

Scalbranthine has asked me what we can do to encourage the Violet Narrative in the meme oceans of the Yorbulmese. 1. Encourage open ended mythologies, not ones with solutions based on extremely concentrated energy. 2. Stheryg classes need to not stop at the fourth grade. The entire population of those Thiemdy prefectures only has Stheryg at a fourth grade level and random testing of adults reveals that the mean Stheryg competency is roughly 1.3rd grade. 3. The food import bans that the Sensory Council enacted some five hundred arathaws ago need to be rescinded. A great part of the driving force between the Green and Orange narratives is those food import bans.

Thusly and Suchly, Mahgteimge Alliringve

Friday, June 01, 2012

the distant yolkengines of the free cheese...

Neire Sceevht sighed. How long had it been since Murthellec had last checked in? Five weeks? Ten weeks? The last time it was some farrago in Turge about the Nalabay revellers or some other purposeless fanfaronade. Neire had had enough. Done was she with the outpost. Done was she with the Uni. Done was she with the needless and dismissive epistolaries from Druvyak and Mossom and whichever other ones of the Societe De La Desideratem had her pouring over one of Mheramyr's ancient papers -- they could find another damned conservator willing to work with Leimthe Allakers over their shoulder raining down needless abuse about patterns of oxidation in parchment and the Foundation threatening to withdraw its endowment yet again because of some needlessly political thing that Dr. Allakers had done at one of those scandalous soirees he was so fond of attending. Did Dr. Allakers actually read Mheramyr's old letters? They were abysmally written. Mostly they were demands for butter tithes from the rundown border farms of Vnicticum or pages and pages of insults scrawled in a heavy abusive script against the gentry or landowners or whatnot in Vnictury, west of Vnicticum. Mheramyr was a terrible stupid man and Neire could not understand the cache these letters held amongst Dr. Allakers and the cognoscenti, but she suspected it was a result of being four or five generations since the forced dissolution of the feudal class -- most of the cognoscenti still organized themselves uponst out of date class lines.

Neire thought to herself while throwing her data slate and some multiweather metamorphic nanoclothing in a carryall -- she had thirty and a whither tatsulks in cash and another three hundred and five whithers in the depository. She could go back home to Mehvpoyle, but her parents were still entangled in that unfortunate property boundary imbroglio with Fehy Gussuls, and it wasn't treating her well. She could just travel for a while on the underrail -- she did have an unlimited pass. A thim bird twittered sweet syllables outside her domicile. Gilithcruve! She hadn't been to Gilithcruve in ten years. Undoubtedly most of the old crew had moved on. Bavmaro had moved south to Ulsmey and started a paper mill. Urchozz had some sort of chronic illness and had to have been moved to hospital across the river in Misprayo, and Selcurna Dahatai was probably still in her bungalow by the beach amongst the riech trees. Neire called up Selcurna "Hey Selly! Hi, it's Neire."

Selcurna: "hey Neire! long time no talk. how're you?"

Neire: "Eh. Sort of at a crossroads. Being a conservator didn't work out. Too many prickly Principal Investigators"

Selcurna: "Well, I have a guest at the moment, but I think the guestroom of the downstairs neighbors is free, and I think you'd like them... Mil and Tal are inkwrights..."

...just another moment in the polyroam...