Saturday, May 28, 2016

for emphasis

[will have to suffice for emotional closure, and more for record keeping purposes than anything else.] Oh, that uncomfortable short-trip in the seats-two space-pod? Expected to summarize the flight? Or at least the conversation (or lack). That's tricuspid-wringing emotional territory. I emphasized that I wasn't a dancer (this point seems to get lost in the shuffle, frequently), I said that "that's very nice quasiperfection but in this tryptich of dreams, you were disinterested in the theta functions identity, and the capstone involved telling Thor to say my thank- yous to an anagram-abundant not-in-this-context while he was strengthening my hands, and probably the last definite moment of experiential ecstasy, so when, er, I wax poetic about the anagrams abundant, and/or those whose agency gets them high mass lucite hall passes, I do so having a fairly good idea of where high fidelity long range emotional harmonies are happening, and where the turbulence is. Between this and mscpllc... didn't get closure or (as predictable) an accurate reading of my emotions. The swirlier made sense, the Vulcan/Borg did not. " And then the space-pod trip is over. There's the whiff of uncomfortable homogeneity and/or isotropy, maybe something like caulk or mayonnaise: it's a wholly different way of responding to the world and we're glad to part company.