Friday, June 29, 2007

nasturtia in the skeingas

the thing about malfunctioning jars of what-have-you say-I'm-Miss-Anduparana and tell me that life's all jumpy-jivey electromechanical is that I'm not going to have something for you when the time comes like a coherent explanation of what just happened. I'm going to be splitting infinitives like the voidsauce and wondering why my xterm just vanished. What about the mechanics of vanishing? Does anybody write about those anymore? A few torn off pages from Dyyksgraund's "Visual Apparations of Various Materializations and Dematerializations Compared and Contrasted"

"in a moment, the Viceroy Queen Lady Entwistle-Cannathundip became like a luminescent crimson vapor, which became at one with the resident universe. I saw, good chap, what was that? A dematerialization! Oh, so I shouldn't be afraid when the Martian, Marvin, zaps me with a disintegrator ray? You say to me that I should, suddenly, because there's no way that I'll be reintegrated because such rays do not maintain coherent quantum mechanical phase spaces which is tut-and-tut equivalent to saying that they've been irreversibly transmogrified into smithereens."

We note that the above character meets his fate at the hands of a Mark VII Balgoup and Hengrove metaphrenic dismodulator ray fired by an irate narrator.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

working against the tide

twice wrapped thrice twain forforward mcmain didst I whilst you belabored under the monongahela octopus of the next daedalus engineer a seer sorrier than an iron filing heeding
the currents of round, ground, perchance to dream the icily seen sourceror's course ablative
angineers arratified a method minus a mussel to only become the fifth catalyst known to all of
Singoldi science capable of transmuting this to that. Homology groups you say?

various and sundry (of naming things)

Nelpher, Kakistocrat, Applebinian, Nosgraves, Tenotiary, Drayul-Ossuon, Divdis Anopuriova, Hens-Wallachide, Dratan, Arroyaro, Helxrab, Welxrab, Baysbrock, Arhuang, Fress, Calilastra, Harhenhirripongtorin, Wen Escevonis,

Monday, June 25, 2007

some netherceutical abysmards

Ah, Dearest Kyngrocele and Nyzgavard, your days did precess my many mithers. It was indeed the misapproximation by whit and thither I had instilled whetstones and whitmills at the ends of the Grand Concourse, which was only going to offend her mistress G. of the Collopholy clade. Remarkable that not one Huissmenian attended the Debacle of Direct Distress. Mayhaps many beadles (or other lowly functional district adjunct officials as it would have appeared to be) employed their kinesthetic talents. Because a demand had been crystallized in one of the tertiary desire tanks: oh the bonhomie then when we realized we'd ensconsced an abstract and were playing on a strange playing field than usual, to the Primary Integral Domain of the commonstrange to noot. Thuswhence and fancy elsewhist, the manifest map between arbitrary algebraic domains was itself a difficult trill to roll. Hoovered and postpreparations asongelled because we had no fashion of the manifest choreoscopes. Blurted forwards and make it twain, might have complained the chaplains treble. Oh, what disfavor was inserted in the filligreed containers behind the machines of menace. (at this point I must state that the reason that none of the seven principal aracalonts (Kesphar, Dilaspher, Arhaxulien, Orhotengo, Lenticulor, Hanjessimus, and Thymikes) were present at the antonglement of Prince Kerzethries was that the House of Kandim of which the Prince's semimitochondrial mother was a member was out of favor with the Anterior Transventral Coelecanth of the Network.

Monday, June 11, 2007

the state of the garkbit report

it's twelve to two, the North Abersythmal Ceruleans are leading one by northwest.
There's an electroluminescent coelacanth in my pajamas and the arrhythmic
messengers are still rambling like lunatics. The Elements of Algebraic Geometry was
dipped in mustard and flung like a lazy ostrich into the depths of the unknown. Oh, sweet Lucille, did you record the moments in exacting furiosity? I rather downcast.