Sunday, May 29, 2011

prognosticatory arborescent recursion

For every life that is created between more or less conscious entities, there is a meeting that takes place somewhere in the grand transepistemological interstices between one mind and another which is too sublime for the biological entities participating in bodily union to be aware of in the slightest.

The ensconced/instanced representative of the male psyche is the(an) Absolute Unsunderable, which is a sort of superposition of potential eigengenomes across all the male gametes. The ensconced/instanced representative of the female psyche is the Absolute Ineffable. Each one of them more or less corresponds to the sort of meiotic fugue the gametes arise in. The Absolute Unsunderable counters the quality of fragmentation that the male meiotic fugue occurs in: spermatozoa are teeming, numerous, many, tiny potentials, whereas the Absolute Ineffable parallels the folliculogenesis of individual ova, and involves a different mechanism for superposing eigengenomes. 

The meeting of the Absolute Unsunderable and the Absolute Ineffable is called the Congress of the Nonexistent, and there is often great confusion about its mechanism. It is not to determine who lives, instead, it is to determine who fails to not exist: the first carries with it the connotations of making choices about who gets to live and who gets to die, but this conception does not truly address the philosophical basis for the meeting, while the determination of who fails to not exist is somewhat a more tractable proposition, both in the transepistemological basis under which the meeting is conducted, and as well as being more easily attainable algorithmically (if one wants to call it that).

Opinions on the Congress of the Nonexistent vary widely. The unborn don't have anything to say about it, can't speak to us, and are as inaccessible to the living as anything gone or come from Tumbolia. 

Together, the Absolute Unsunderable and the Absolute Ineffable do a dance that's called Prognosticatory Arborescent Recursion, which is sort of the "being many people at many places at once doing many things",  and allows them to choose, amongst innumerable possibility trees of future life, the one for which is meant to not not be, the double negative wriggling and metamorphosing into a 'to be'. 

Saturday, May 28, 2011

history, schmistory, draw me a candlabra, Carahillia

Ledvenning Sterlong's paper The Eigenfunctorial Decomposition of Van Narsquil spaces was submitted to Acta Exactica's editorial board by neutrino pigeon on August 38 this year. The chief editor of Acta Exactica, one Artulbior Ragnescans complained that Sterlong didn't do enough work with the power series expansions of the irreducible representations of the eigenfunctorial decomposition method that he'd outlined in the draft, and moreover, found the draft littered with figurative language about the symplectic cohomology of Van Narqsuil spaces on a free shtuka. Ragnescans dropped the marked up draft in the editors pool and unflagged the busy bit, then turned off his editing terminal and took a red eye to Beta Pictoris. The next editor to flag the busy bit and examine the draft was Marifold Sun-Orrery Jarispensia, who was quickly drawn into frank perplexity about the exomotivic monadology that Sterlong had applied to Van Narsquil spaces of the first rank (like ξ3,θ(1,L) and ξ2,θ(1,K)), and wrote a comment on the section to the effect that someone not versed in current exomotivic monadology couldn't understand at all what Sterlong was getting at. Jarispensia unflagged the busy bit and meandered off to an acetone bar on the Gloss beaches for the nightly bacchanalium. After a few more editors had been at it, the paper was marked "Insuitable for publication; Return commented to sender", and since Sterlong had sent a self-addressed neutrino pigeon to the editorial board's branch office in Tunfthere, he was able to get it back within a week.

Puzzled by the sheer incompetence of the editors, Sterlong sent the draft of the paper to Acta Inexactica, where the famous editor Klaherry Cardlestoam accepted it on the spot as being "A prime example of the sort of thinking we want the younger generation to be doing".

trust not what the orange snail can mistake for a modular form

Artalgn? The Blesterferry of Thentec? Byalgum, fee's essthrayt gossins a musty! Thranstock gloggers the beremuffingont! Cherengerell? Auntherec? One throntear too far! Two too many! Ooh, like a sulfur! Dunny perhaps some illegal data structures. I gotsa queues, I gotsa stacks, I gotsa trinary trees and deques to lather and laminate your computational eigenfronds from here to Menthengerell, only a werry a donzlet, and half a werry for a functing! Byalgum, the spossoms of Blordge leave a tenthennering in my pocket for a donzlet of Yoks. And if I were the Vice-Ansthaulme of Cloggers' Punkt, I'd be twisty ways and divisory, if you get my definite Dedekindergarten in a oscillatory tubule, my matey! Voo. I'd have a mustard and be a mouthwash, but if the preceptors and their avonts be persuasiblenickety like a green george, I'd have my work cut out for me. They're sort of pugnaciously miserly with their donzlets and tenthennerings, and only give me scraps to work with. I've got some fine wares here. Pure lambda compilers written in the cosmic language, mind you. Not the sort of algorithmic pontoons that Aragmnio Fosparillo or Yeriyok Goo-Zadwallader are dealing out in kind to the foolish avonts, most of whom spend their thrungills on implementations of Karatsuba multiplication on particle-abacuses, much to the ire of their preceptors. Fortunately, the preceptor Vovonsil Lzongtep Alkyriobe spends many a tenthennering on my donzlet, and numerous werrys on my Yoks.  

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

the green tungstates

Perengveroia, sundt of the Bolgeas lammerstraits, greenways of Fos Porusa, a colony of dipthongwrights and curmudgeonists, werry ray and celeritous greetings abound, by the councils of the amber hulk, a greasy spork by the side of the road, an arrant fungal cantileverist and some artilpenters were gulfing the fongencies of the utter waxfroths of Hortec. But lo', did they rarefact the lunderwopps of the greater greeling, these men and their magnificient curtailments and abrogations: a stomacher, a bodice, and some rather precise measurements do retroflect thy gangrenous offal, my perspicaceous yardwaster, an unexpected artist at an incorrect vista pens a symphony in the blood of the last member of a species of heptapede mammalianoids, zrufing and fnurling, the swan song of the heptapedes is written in crabby letters in a forgotten script of an imaginary language, mixed with the blood and lymph of the artist, Stongbent Vlarvewhurl, furious and inaccurately rendering the rhetorical devices of the Perenveroian Knights-Errant into flawed Zmyff, with broken metaphors here and there.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

gazpaur migration

Athwayl of Beremgenard, franspungy and diviss? A clerestory wail at the arch-bedeckants of the sunderworlds did propagage mine own heart, with the lavish blarthorns of crum, the plossocks of Terhedec gale, like a scattering of iron filings, or the cormorant of the post-alacritous coral ghost grease, a bisser, and the honchets of the Durgh were like underlilies in the first wind, without the mustard stained ears of the beyonders, drenched with concresced event plumes and other turbidescences, sodded down with the accumulations of mis-actions and other chances, prepared to strike, coiled in seeming inert configurations for many a conque, their archregality and seemingly over-fragile ornateness hiding the juggernauts inside, sagging in deep torpidity these metamachines lolled about, languishing in the bath of neutrinos and nitrogen atoms that the perhaps less-than-commonweal charged our preparatory gonsils with, like appendages with numerous protrusions and protuberances, and perhaps excessively armored with cosmetic calcifications, chitinizations, mother-of-pearlings, and endoskeletal interstices, they drunkenly and lazily hibernated, readied momentously when the chogg-ospills of the Vlarasboy and the hoc-ocuipsai of Hyrella's Grave would begin their transcendental migration from the Yosphenium of Grunder's Aulk to the Iridescribable Consyll of Gorgarionna, their trunset-gills and their asphellengions all aflutter in some vague misapprehension of uncalcuable pleurisy, these hephreats would be ensnared in the nematocysts of the suddenly enlivened metamachines. Centuries old hardware detecting the chogg-ospills and the hoc-ocuispai midway between Grunder's Aulk and Gorgarionna. The nematocysts would trap and anesthetize these creatures so that the gonsils of the Heceriut could retrieve them and mine the precious carraptangiet from their glands-of-a-diseased-future, fibrous and endocrine, necessary to the maturation of both species of gazpaur. For about a month the gonsils would be busy slaughtering about ninety percent of the captured chogg-ospills and the hoc-ocuispai, removing the glands-of-a-diseased future, and distilling and purifying the carraptangiet, a substance not synthesizable by our current chemistry-art, and capable of providing users with safe and reliable direct mystical experiences. The essence of yesterday would be removed from the glands-of-a-diseased future and then, through the application of poorly understood distillation techniques, the carraptangiet would be processed, purified, and sealed in lenstrots and ampoules. The remainding ten percent of the captured animals would be released, to complete their migration to the Iridescribable Consyll of Gorgarionna, so that they could encyst prior to the asexually reproductive stage of their life cycles.

After the mining of the carraptangiet had been completed, the stur-gonsils and the poffer-chirugea would begin the laborious task of resetting the metamachines that lined the Honsporaroa valley and by the Chosponk of Boktronjalo, laying down fine iridium traceries and charging multimodal paracapacitors, and installing fresh new nematocysts and folsek trunks. The next gazpaur migration would be in 29 conques, and the metamachines had to be ready to capture the gazpaur.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Voiced of the Beyonders Promontory

The Voiced of the Beyonders Promontory (athwast of Correllon and two throntears straythwing of Gfujgme) can see as well as you or I, but, always, always, the two front facing eyes of their heads are always drawn closed... they have a different sort of vision, it is believed, one that is somewhat more accurate and less amenable to disruption than typical vertebrate eyes. The considered opinion of some of the more pedantic has usually been that it's a bad idea for the conventionally sighted or not sighted to venture there. The conventionally sighted get the willies, because they cannot shake the notion that despite the closedness of the eyes of the Voiced, they are being seen, and the conventionally blind for reasons that are difficult to enumerate but mostly distill to having the rudiments of the sort of sense that the Voiced possess. It is interesting to note that amongst the Voiced, there can be the doubly-blind, those whose eyes in their vestigial qualities do not function and for which the peculiar active sense of the Voiced is also disrupted. And these are the Speakers of the Voiced, who are the only cultural envoys that are permitted to interact with outside anthroponomers and whatnot. Tyh Houghdrossil, a Speaker, said to the anthroponomer Graysif Vorbithque from the Redacted University of Southern Reondiquette: "My fellow Voiced see the ins of things and the outs of things, both in a literal visual fashion, and in a literal figurative fashion, neither of which I can consign you an honest portrayal thereof. My half-mother, Volin, was cave diving in Nepollenth when her oxygen cylinder gave out, and within a matter of seconds she had removed the oxygen cylinder and hit the cave wall as hard as she could with it, which broke a two hundred measure long segment of oxiferous mineral in such a way that just the right mixture of inert gas and oxygen at the correct pressure was liberated into the section of the water that she was in at the time. Such occurrences happen all the time here, and are a result of the First Sight that my fellow Voiced are graced with."