Saturday, November 06, 2010

dialogues of the understumbled.

Arnestine Munkwine, third in line of the Lower Duchy of North Toronto, is accosted one sleepless night in the midsummer by the eigenghost of Pafnuty Tschebycheff:

ARNESTINE: I am a frond of salt! Befriend not my pants, for they are various, and possibly abscene!

PAFNUTY: Why not enjoy one of my polynomials? They are crunchy and go well with dairy products. cos(n*acos(x))?

ARNESTINE: You bleary wraith! I engender no such arch-fleuronffle! My odgeblearns are not for you understomping!

PAFNUTY: Oh, the wind on the steppe is a plural gas, and the astronomers of doom do not protect thee from with paramecium of doom.

ARNESTINE: Off with your obstreperous opprobria, foul ghost. I meander hither and thither and undergo a puncture wound on my foot from one of your unhousebroken polynomials.