Friday, November 01, 2013

Mr. Orange Narrative O'Clock says...

"The things you imagine cannot possibly be real! We know, as it says in Skrayandiff and Meltheus, that all existence is uniquely partitioned into unambiguous ontological categories which derive their truth-value-schema from precise logical statements and are inflexible and absolute." -- ONOC A couple of ducks fly over the pond, their feathers blurring bits of water thrown up by their confusion. Gerestheo, an Uapthu mathematician of some renown, is sitting eating a sandwich. ONOC continues: "You yourself say that the Cosmic Right Angle is the Orthological..." Gerestheo: "I also say that I am a complete idiot. Which statement do you hold in higher regard?" ONOC: "But the Orange Narrative..." Gerestheo: "Is discardable... provides evidence of its own discardability in more than luxurious abundance upon the slightest breeze of thought. What happens to it under cogitative torrents is best left unmentioned by me." ONOC has the aspect of an admixture of crestfallen and courageous. Gerestheo: "There are true things, true worlds, and true people whom we can sense by our imaginations, what do we do? We sing to them so that they might sing back to us. Sometimes they do happen to sing back to us, sometimes they even love us, and your first reaction is to get nervous and to attempt to shore up that Orange Narrative, a storyline whose own discardability is abundant and unmissable. I am not so good at seeing them as much as I am at encountering them, but then again, I am Uapthu, and moments have no meaning for me. Sometimes the people most akin to us, don't even live in the same universe or cosmos or strobing of the WSOGMM that we do. If I were to accept, hook, line, and sinker, the ontological model of Skrayandiff and Meltheus, then they wouldn't exist at all. Kind of sad, an ontological model which says that the people who might love us the most or are most akin to us don't exist in some formal, hairy, and dessicated idea of how the cosmos works. The world is not a formal system."

Cleaning Mjölnir

At first, Thor would immerse Mjölnir in liquid nickel or cobalt before the age of the great machines of humanity. Then purified bismuth became available: it would roll off the deific material like oil on leather, and then Thor could rinse Mjölnir with geranium oil and lime oil to complete the process. Lately however, the amount of toxicity being emplaced into the imaginary, and the purposes for which the great hammer has been put have put quite a strain on it and Thor's deific materials science-fu. We, of course, have a proposal. Find a magnetar in Asgard. Hyperspatially suspend the portion made out of deific nonmetals outside of the color-flavor locked quark gluon plasma. Articulate the deific metal portion into the color-flavor locked quark gluon plasma. Thor has advised us of a few places where Mjölnir has been chipped or damaged in unforeseen ways because of the bogglingly nasty currents in human imagination at present. We have a catalogue of those damages. Surface damage will start growing agglomerations of bismuth atoms as we draw the interior crystalline faults and other pranic instabilities in the core of Mjölnir out. Upon removal from the quark-gluon plasma, these will be emplaced in superfluid liquid helium and then geranium oil to stabilize them. Surprisingly, the phase diagrams for this part of the cleaning process of Mjölnir are more easily understood than the second part. Because there are internal damages to the crystalline structure which cannot be repaired by immersion, the Rainbow Serpent has suggested, and Sindri and Brokkr are in enthusiastic, if perplexed, agreement, is that Mjölnir be emplaced where Bifröst flows, to quote:
"OK," she said at last, "how do we get to this place?" "There are as many ways as there are tiny pieces." "I beg your pardon?" "Tiny things." He held up his thumb and forefinger again to indicate something very small. "Molecules," he added, seeming to be uncomfortable with the word. "But first let us leave here."
The Rainbow Serpent has proposed letting Mjölnir flow in and with the Rainbow River between thences, elsewhys, and otherbutterflies, the Polynongahela. Such a process is even more complicated than quark-gluon plasma annealing.