Saturday, August 21, 2010

arkwhunkets of floom!

Leurd Dorncil of the Plerehasty Council has this to say about Arpungo Lonsire: "What a fetid numpuam, a ferntiligous blosmothere. I spent one year amongst the Augthn people of the Polsbasi peninsula and upon my return I discover that Lonsire has banned catawhompets for 'public larceny and other flombits unbecoming to a munkweary', and I have to make a passionate public speech about not kowtowing to the degree of idiocy that Lonsire believes will make us better fish. What nerve! What varve! Anyway, we've elected to have Lonsire dephlogisticated publically for its idiotheres"

Thursday, August 05, 2010

le phaque francezzie

Ortoupoud de la runcisse en la pontisse c'eci ne'pas une flontique! C'est la plunqique de la anciens est la norpique! Sur toujours plufique en la aujor'dhi est la ploncippe de la valeurs rumdumbants!

Wednesday, August 04, 2010

undersoul for the oversorority

Jerypt Fruunmoglia nespthered vaciduously at the Orlung of Plopft, neither scherking nor trampfously goodgeflonzeying the othtars of Nopt. For the Berenthfasts of Dloss and the Rielings of the Octept runzied not the Tothchars of the Lopter Gleuss. Such notoriously inept (some might say inapt) advocacy amongst the pransipfeullio might be mistaken for unabrogated suspicion or unaboriginal delactation. Orzphrey and Bibdellious didn't have much in the way of charms, I thought, leaning against the castle walls, staring at the trails of comets and other astronomical obscenities: Gerg B'Phreon and his wallumpset Veroxjre arpled the diphycthemes, the needy mammals amongst the braingrass. The hermit Vardgemyuung norbiferiously untled the remaining strembhjurs while the Lonnok of Totling undershnergled the Lipfenniums of Brozmoar Green: folly and inconsiderate transmicrophonations littered the echoscape of the valley, knoptling and voondling most yercipitously, while the lazy knokkets of Lady Breadwurst Undermuffin did peal against the morning wastrels. Gavvey Thropfaire and Mulndzey Harraur-Neuffbatain didst their cry of derision at the Stratvunsels of Gween, while the Shulley-Trumpfedors of the Wunceponzil uttered demented sighs of deep and inviolate dissatisfaction. Aradzo Trilicon and the Londers of Yulk did their best to ignore the palpable symphony of confusion. Neither did a wheezing bee nor did a galactic mockery didst dissolve their cacophanation!

Tuesday, August 03, 2010

awaiting the underavatar of north dakota

Arrha! Tertungtissima and Blalange were standing at the precipice, cares in hand, ageless angels masquerading over the void of the world. Collecting sulfur trophies and notating various odd enumerata of streetcar transfer functions, like a dodging dithyramb at the edgeless poet's latter bereavement, yoth!, did such men declare profound purposes in mad manifests and nail such denouncements of reason on the nailboards of burches and cosynagogues (keeping in mind that if you add the square of a synagogue and a cosynagogue you always get unity), such doldrums of patience did not reward nor did they require the constant attentions of Marga and Prisdroop and the crellenations of the underforbegotton. Gudge and McMhorty didn't stand a chance when the shallows-blossoms emerged from Sansalsifar, and I didn't have a boldkeep. We might have wandered for hours in the grassy knolls of Suud, searching for our own dram of the finest gargartive mustard. Tertungtissima said "Playlast the dearmuffin! I was a cardmobile", but the hour had already passed and Blalange was osculating the idyll. Zohogaia Brentherfleunk and the shottoths of Misturea had difficulty acclimatizing to the thin scents and reedy mixtures that composited with the peer pressure mushrooms of Brottondale. Heh. Like a clean cut ass-minstrel perorating around the downtown climes of Berrutagth, or a claimaint reading the will of the Lhere of Bvuungmatar to her kin after the wake, the crescent odor contrails above the swamp leave very little to the miscreant imagination, and for which insalubrious petticoats might wander aimlessly against the sky, one mote in the cosmic network, once lost, now found, now declared as the King of all Arquipa, might be the only defense we have against this symphony of sense.

Tertungtissima started for the night. Did you too?

bismuth rink shenanigans

The thin neutrino trails skeetered out by the time you'd reach Dvuung or Plerebsty, and Yarweng Apphoabsto didn't have time for counting her blessings: it was that kind of day, righteous, blundering, uncertain, sky-gray and dizzyingly imperceptible, like the sort of torque that might get you in trouble at the bismuth skating rink when your partner is doing a quadruple reverse bucky spin and you've accidentally forgotten to chalise down your galligaskins with goat grease. Yarweng's friend, Klystreung Vraspungtans cheered her on as she accidentally collided with a bispterafb on the trolley, skortling tons of tea-cozies and wunnupts everywhere, though it was obviously the bispterafb's fault for not looking where it was going. The bispterafb said in its mechanical voice: "this unit apologizes for not paying attention to the lagrangians of all particles in its vicinity, and offers compensation in the form of a broiled shank of maluurmsbeest, marinated for 18 hours in zugzwang oil and mrarange". Yarweng kicked the bispterafb's exhaust ports in frustration. What a depressingly non-turing complete mechanical contrivance. Or non-turing test-passing. The bispterafb then made its way to a recharging station at the exterior of the rink. Vraspungtans skated to Yarweng and helped her to her feet. "Stupid bispterafb. Why do they let those machines on the ice at all?" she complained. Admittedly the bismuth rink was forty times the area of a water ice skating rink, and the rink proprieters thought they could make an extra sheyng if they could sell people maluurmsbeest teriyaki and varontlebird kippers. Distantly, a radio steam trolley exploded. It was going to be a bad day...

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By Nhomogheve, the Star-Foonts of Silla, east of Yelleugue, and thronteareally separated from the Ghossolongs of Myistra, did the shallanj of the Northern Way extend, and did Cyrus Congreve cry at the scryings of the Old Witch Nail Knafclaw, her reedy voice and gnarled hands and her staff made from the wood of the charknife tree, she made pronouncements and prognostications of surreal clarity, if certainly pointed incomprehensibility, to the country-folk and the commonweal. Gellzvwar and Propontes listened for many a nwullug to these strange words and odd messages and decipher them not they did! She etched glyphs and sigils in stone, petroglyphs and stylized symbologies with mystical or transcendental import, though Gellzvwar and Propontes could not decode her meaning. She redirected rivers and convinced snails to reproduce through binary fission. But Gellzvwar and Propontes were ultimately flummoxed.

Monday, August 02, 2010

entropica reductiana

Dreltoro Myan-Vasgathai of Brelfthegn does a lot of loafing around. He's a professional loafer. His loafing productivity comes from an inner talent: when he loafs around, entropy mysteriously dips nearby. Measureably. In nats. Myan-Vasgathai's loafing services are mouth-frothingly consumed by the information industry. He is usually employed around vast optical-quantum-biocomputers where his entropy lowering (they don't know how he does it and they don't care) increases the speed of the computations, or reduces the amount of waste heat they produce, or something vaguely along those lines. The Guild of Professional Loafers endorses his work.

He does have some detractors, though. Arvthugn Q-Porrosit Xerryabe Mulkins believes that the professional loafers are some kind of scam, and Mulkins has gone to great (some would say ludicrous) lengths to discredit him. Mulkins' efforts are somewhat inept: there exist whole battalions of physicists and scores of journals documenting Myan-Vasgathai's effectiveness at reducing local entropy. Mulkins has tried throwing cheese triangles out of a window, inventing a novel type of egg-spoon, defenestrating the Arpuldzy of Micthajn, prepuskulating Gynnup Frazboujgh, but none of these seemingly incoherent attempts make the slightest bit of difference: Myan-Vasgathai's entropy reduction is as inexplicable as it is measurable, and Mulkins's efforts are ultimately fruitless expressions of religious paranoia.