Wednesday, November 07, 2007

of sleep

a fierce zephyr of chance tore the fundament of the Char-Arrhenge. It was the syllable of Tern, and the manganese pluralities were resplendent in the languages of Honvoril. The Andyvel had been sleeping for well on thirty thousand plurisubkalpa and were expected to maintain their snooze for another nine thousand manganars, notwithstanding the Trident of Cenos. I, at the time, had vowed that I would maintain my dormancy for another twelve mahakalpa, but events in an adjacent thylakoid would extend my rest for at least a mahanahambe. The rising of the stalks, the linearization of the Cancalla, the lemon guilds of Tersoris and Nanniquat enduring another Great Fructicient Insult from the Prince of Astralapsis, an unexpected migration of the Besselnefe of Tandrulis, and so on and so forth, the combined effect was that my somnolescent period was massively extended.

Saturday, November 03, 2007

more of the dvorak zone composition

the lassitudinous creep. the crawl of the gorn. the smell of lemons, augmented by parabolic subgroups and then appliques detailing the fury which the average american ozonoscopist searches the british museum for mighty comfits and candygrammar. when everted and exposed to jazz music and tamborines the audacious tarmac encysts, preparing for ecdysis. a plantar pedicule then forms, trapping the nascent opera claw into a barstible and a Organ of New Hebrides, a chromosynthetic bioergiastic organ which composes chroma into stridently stored ergage. a largesse not ulcerative necessitates greening and unfurling of the main photon sieves. the long winter of my discontent then froths and macerates, leaving the cri du fromage loud and irritating to passing citizenry. Oh enthytimetic condors fly over the craton and leave epistles from the mad metafauna of Gondwanaland. The erratic and cantankerous child lasts for several minutes and is then calmed by its parents. A meretricious mercenary planning the drawbridge of the river Orinoco dun tablassars and the cream of the martin's follies might presunder the classification of the galactic collision, with metronomes and muon and plagioclase and amber prepared and readied for certain use by parties not known to the heteronymic Cressidon, the Alabaster Rat of Saint Tertius. My mynad delivered to me that arrival intimate and gleeful, a call of the wild the message of sublime oppression and urgent fortitude which, cougar and leaping
ibexes untied the syllabary for the prepared cheese plate and arrayed rainbows in an unplanned
celebration of most transparent magnitude. By the precession of the oryxes and the sublimation of a block of specially prepared carbon dioxide cheese made by the vice regent chef of Cahiers did my major worries dissolve into the fluents of the great steam stream surrounded by rocks and other various geological ambigua. Whetstone gnarled and pretended that the major Whorl -- not the Great Whorl of Whyster, but the subsidiary Whorl of Tantinigires, along the shore of the Cetterderes, ululated the swan song of the central tergiviseration of the pelargonide generalissima making the chert and feldspar tasteless and hydrogen-fast. Tell them, she said, tell them about the hypernetwork, the gaseous and interminaquiline matrix of rich and redolent cross connections. Cordon off that Great Loneliness and make it manifest while surgeries to retopologize the reticulated inserrat transpire. Shosh the filaments together.

Irrigate the central tentacle

more theory firmament candelabra engine fury matrix metasyntax selective isometries endanger the ribald allocations and engender chaos in the gazebo like no one could have guessed as the major networker storm collided with the lemon curry howard isomorphism make the whealgrove commutator lessen the impact of the hardened radiant glee. The frogs are standing waves of probability, measured Lesbeguely and post haste Riemannianly oh there was chaos my doula had a boil and the boil had boll weevils and the doctors were most disgusted by it all. The message that was contained in an envelope concerned the execrable exegesis that the graduate student had written concerning the juxtaposition of multilayered fauna with degenerate and defunct nineteenth century French Philosophy, a most grave and serious matter that must be attended by all manner of madmen and wildebeests. A misty, vaporous, nacreous, luminescent, piece of lint registered its disregard for the semantic ambiguity and subsequently squirrelled itself away inside the cambium of a pine tree. Truant swamps and outevolved lemmings transferred their manner of stuff to the secondary and tertiary epochs, using Tensorwright brand time machines to traverse the stormy chronoscape. London metal and gallium sugar made
the trip most enviable, and the archkineticists organizing the whole affair were amply rewarded with ten thousand wonzlos sterling a-piece.

Friday, November 02, 2007


Resoul that old computer -- change its parts and change its responsiveness. Today I installed a 500 gig disk on my main machine

some theoretical wiz-baz

The metafunctor of the third variety is gourd shaped and green when ripe. It is found along the coast of the continent of Tellerephonda in the Third Thylakoid of the Rellenders. It becomes gravid during the season of the Asinditars and floats away during the Season of the Static Hidden Spanish Television Channel. The scion of the metafunctor then emerges while it is in hysteresis and the fifth moon of the Blannak is paused. The scion then subdivides to produce the antecedant Inion of Stallaran, the Pheenge of Ixion, and the Bastaragandin of Leishmirin. All of which then recombine into a hybrid ceramo-metallic structure exactly one point four millihelens in beauty. The structure then internally reorganizes into a quasibiological part, a wholly organic part, and a wholly inorganic part. At this point the entire structure is called a Queasyfungus. The Queasyfungus then expands its thallus and hybridizes with any landborne philosophical concepts it can find.

Thursday, November 01, 2007

never stake the xenon butler on waxed stilton

shadows of later make the meninges furl and the brows burst forward with furrows, furiously defending the bladderwort from perihelion and making the many tongued red tensor flows cough and sputter like the late bloomers that they were. Oh, the green silent ridges between the machines and the monstrosities made my eyes ache and my head whirl: when was the greatest fascination with the eyewheels of the Tsauraung people of the Valley of the Umbral Coffee, oh, the waiting was fastidious and misengineered, the bitter filament of vapor tasted like licorice and the iron plated eyes of the mad robot Morzepan made life and rusticant somewhat rhumb-scarred in comparison. This was the start, the invocation and seventy two rounds of prayer, of fourty seven syllables all in disarray -- the arrangement of syllables did not matter, but their rhythmic repetition by the monks of moo made the tea ceremony tolerable. Chance and Vortex suddenly and shockingly, and perhaps if one might make too fine a point of it, rudely intervened with a thunder and lightening show the likes of which the deity Lord Govvorongoa hadn't seen for at least several millikalpas now, a long stench and a gravid gray green gyroscope dancing and pirouetting lazily against the sunlit and moonlit half-night, the major marker of the nistral episodes and the caretaker's personal collection of apropos wiz-baz was certainly permitted but it was only vacuously denied and by the frothingly obvious statements of the Candec and their Sirvinculi was the resolvent sugar splutter approbriously determined and extangency mated.

line engine kinetic sculpture

the dark times were shortening, becoming tenuous and dusty, composed of many motes, and uncertain of future movement. the leaning, leading garnishes were dusted with garlic and celerity, the gravity was uncertain, the lemon of the metacosmos was tumbling around in curcuminacreant glee as the paracytologically inhibited martindale of the leaf-sheaves rotated to the beat of the cosmic harmonies, a sound like a deep hum or the sound of one thousand twenty four butterflies flapping their wings in unison, or to some hidden pattern not obvious to any observer, anywhence and anywhere. The leading rational affliction that divided the seeming from the unseen made the irony abundant and transparent in character. I savored the moment, each appealingly more determined than the previous moment, more complex in motion and stranger in organization, the parameters and functional dependencies enfolding and becoming ever more complex: that I was already familiar with -- the holy momentous occasion hit at the start of the third nahambe, with a clarion call of fusing hydrogen nuclei bursting forth and the wave upon wave of neutrinos emerging. Suddenly that monarch butterfly pauses on a dewdrop and the single metamomentous transfiguration orrery occurs and where were you the show just got interesting now they've moved from trying to occupy as many points of physical space to a vast sea of ideas, thoughts, concepts, the realm of the mind, the tip of the proverbial iceberg, that odd littile transition which when fully orchestrated en masse can leave h random primate species or proteinaceous globule on the Great Migration from here to there.

Grand Mal

Cycads and doronadrils accosted the interior minister as the procession of liminal luminaries occurred and occluded visibility for hundreds of miles and kilometers. The go getter attitude of the Generalissima's staff was that anyone sufficiently lunatic to accompany should be fed poor quality fast food and donuts instead of health food, and as none of the luminaries was that healthy anyway, there wouldn't be much need to institute Individualized Dietetic Plans while the procession was transpiring. Instead they would take positions in the sidelines and jeer as much as possible. The luminaries were an arrogant sort and wouldst not mind this kind of low-jinks. I had my place at the vice-minister of stale crumpets side, and there I would remain until relieved by another attendant or a royal lunatic observationalist. But november comes soon and because the general flavor of the gerania is not to the liking of most of the lunatic luminaries, as well as the scent of roboclone martindales (whatever the heck those are -- nobody wants to admit to knowing what they are.)

Another Bad Idea: The Atomic Toothpick

The scrambled communications line, the ice crystal, gravitational attraction between two solid bodies in free space, and many others, such are the breakthroughs of Lenzler Laboratories. Lenzler laboratories is proud to announce the invention of a revolutionary new form of atomic powered toothpick. A fantastic invention that will solve all your toothpicking needs. The result of work on the atomic match, the atomic toothpick allows extraprecise food debris elimination, which means cleaner teeth and healthier dental checkups.