Friday, December 18, 2015

Foregones and Bygones and Zygons

Serihevwuoi glammered over the sileption "This will never do", stirring, amidst the copal plumes and other bedeckments. A phase diagram of language was scrawled in ochre and cinnabar on the rock face. Erapohge and Mihirrinamib exchanged bewildered glances at each other, clad in sky-orange vestments, great fatigue on their eyes, their fatigues unlaundered, with street-legal philately manuals. Erapohge's almost fluorescently crimson eyes muttering a look of -- what was it? Roiling around in the constituents and monomers of the assayers pipettes. Mihirrinamib's eyes were ebon blue lighted by a metallic iridescence and a perpetual inner vapor which wafted from some unspeakable internal biochemical processes. How Mihirrinamib sees is beyond the scope of this epistle. Erapohge gestured Serihevwuoi-wards, sculling-a-swervy. Mihirrinamib's visual sense-- well -- attention focused, understood, and then laughed uproariously amongst the pions of the long scarves and gaberdines hanging from the dry rack. Small pieces of iguana fruit had been pressed into them to stave off attack by microscopic political candidates. "Is that a ergativity aerosol in the bin?",... squints... "yeesha!" sez Mihirrinamib. "Nomenclatural Molds!", again indigestibles and indefatigables fail to commute, Mihirrinamib sighs, the conversation is diffracted, visible only through great distances and through many daisy-chained translations between one host context and another, from exotic to old-hat in fewer conceptual homomorphisms than you can shaken, not stirred, the entire GDP of Sevapaqua on... Erapohge tilts a picoradian toward Toronto, Mihirrinamib traces the marks ground in with dust and sweat on the phase diagram, looks at the tanks, the reaction vessels, her attention is focused on the one gourd shaped one about two stories tall. "Triple point, oh, oh," exclamatory, exultant, schadenfreude. With a viewing window and other instrumentation. Mihirrinamib whispers in Serihevwuoi's ear, "I'm listening", Serihevwuoi is really tired of these calls from Venirampolistani adverbial-particle inductor ring merchants, why is the signal so itinerant and spotty? Mihirrinamib: "first, go look at the molten material you have in the gourd", Serihevwuoi listens to the merchant talk about how their new adverbial-particle inductor ring is good to 80KHz, yadda, yadda, I've heard this before. Mihirrinamib: "secondly: don't go dissolve yourself in this assayer's process, go and swim in it", Serihevwuoi hears something about antelope polarity therapy. Mihirrnamib: "third: don't worry about ]exocontextual specifier[, just, yeah, and no, it probably wasn't your fault anyway". At about the point where Serihevwuoi notices that her cell phone is stowed, both Erapohge and Mihirrinamib have jumped into the gourd.

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